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  1. Jim Carrey's Eyes In 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'
  2. The Face Masks In 'Bridgerton'
  3. Kim Kardashian Not Actually Speaking On 'American Horror Story'
  4. Captain Sandy’s Phone Call On ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’
  5. Queen Charlotte's Paintings
  6. Outer Banks' Stunt Doubles
  7. King Viserys' Hand
  8. ‘The Last of Us’ Crew Spotted
  9. ‘Love Is Blind’ Dinnertime
  10. Double the Eiffel Towers In 'Emily in Paris'
  11. Gossip Girl Fashion Mistake
  12. Avengers Endgame Mishap
  13. High School Musical Song Swap
  14. Barefoot Upper Eastsider
  15. You's Peculiar Profile Pic
  16. House Bunny Hair
  17. Friends' Dad Double Take
  18. Stranger Things' Birthday Details
  19. One Tree Hill’s Car Switch
  20. ‘Selling Sunset’ Phone Call
  21. Don’t Look Up’s Film Crew Mishap
  22. A Mysterious Hand In 'The Princess Diaries 2'

22 TV And Movie Mistakes Spotted On Social Media That You Can't Believe Are Real

In the world of television and movies, where meticulous teams strive to ensure flawless productions, the occasional blunder manages to sneak by. It's in these moments that vigilant fans step up.
Over the years, viewers have been quick to catch slip-ups in the Entertainment industry, from the infamous 2019 Starbucks cup cameo in a Game of Thrones scene to wardrobe malfunctions on Gossip Girl.
While Twitter users have been on the lookout for mistakes in their favorite shows and films, the TikTok community has emerged as the swift detective, with dedicated tabs exposing fashion faux pas and continuity hiccups that many may have overlooked.
With the convenience of streaming services and the ability to binge-watch on laptops or phones, the quirks and inconsistencies in beloved shows like Gossip Girl and Friends are now more noticeable than ever. Even blockbuster movies, such as Avengers: Endgame, haven't escaped the post-production slip-up spotlight.
Join us as we take a humorous stroll down the lane of some of the most entertaining TV and film mistakes captured and shared by the vigilant eyes of social media users.

#1. Jim Carrey's Eyes In 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'

TV And Movie Mistakes Spotted On Social Media Source: Courtesy of Universal; Redcobweb/TikTok
In December 2022, a TikTok user highlighted a discrepancy in the appearance of the holiday villain.
“Every time I watch The Grinch, I notice this one little mistake they made where they forget either to put his contacts in or they forgot to edit them in afterward, and so just Jim Carrey’s brown eyes are just there,” explained the TikToker in a clip showcasing Carrey's real eyes as opposed to the inhuman green ones he has throughout the rest of the film."

#2. The Face Masks In 'Bridgerton'

The Face Masks In 'Bridgerton' Source: Netflix
Observant viewers noticed that in the background of the season 2 dance sequence between Penelope and Colin in Bridgerton, several extras were wearing masks.

#3. Kim Kardashian Not Actually Speaking On 'American Horror Story'

Kim Kardashian Not Actually Speaking On 'American Horror Story' Source: FX Networks/YouTube
Following the debut of American Horror Story: Delicate in September 2023, fans promptly observed what appeared to be a potential production error. "Kim’s lips not even moving ????," shared a social media user on X, accompanied by a clip depicting Kardashian's character seemingly speaking without any lip movement.

#4. Captain Sandy’s Phone Call On ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Captain Sandy’s Phone Call On ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Source: Peacock/NBC
After an episode from season 8, which aired in December 2023, Bravo viewers noted a peculiar detail. In a scene where Captain Sandy Yawn was shown making a phone call, it was pointed out that the footage appeared to be edited, as her device was open to a keypad.

#5. Queen Charlotte's Paintings

Queen Charlotte's Paintings Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix
Following the May 2023 airing of the Bridgerton prequel, a fan expressed their concern about historical inaccuracies on Twitter. "These two are adorable, but the portraits in #QueenCharlotte are KILLING me.
None of those people were even born in 1761!" wrote a social media user, highlighting that several portraits behind Queen Charlotte featured individuals who were supposed to be her future relatives.

#6. Outer Banks' Stunt Doubles

Outer Banks' Stunt Doubles Source: Netflix
During the February 2023 premiere of season 3, eagle-eyed fans noticed editing mistakes in several episodes, where actors' stunt doubles were inadvertently left visible in certain shots.

#7. King Viserys' Hand

King Viserys' Hand Source: HBO Max
In House of the Dragon's third episode, keen-eyed fans spotted Paddy Considine, who portrays the 8-fingered King Viserys, with what seemed to be green tape on two fingers for post-production editing.
Once the error circulated on social media, HBO assured The Hollywood Reporter that they would rectify the effects and provide an updated version to the streaming service.

#8. ‘The Last of Us’ Crew Spotted

‘The Last of Us’ Crew Spotted Source: Liane Hentscher/HBO
In the HBO drama's February 19, 2023, episode, a critical scene between Joel (Pedro Pascal) and his recently reunited brother, Tommy (Gabriel Luna), featured several mysterious figures in the background.
“Brilliant episode. Something you might want to fix and reupload though: You can see the film crew in this shot,” noted a Twitter user at the time.

#9. ‘Love Is Blind’ Dinnertime

‘Love Is Blind’ Dinnertime Source: Courtesy of straightouttaperu/TikTok
An attentive viewer on TikTok observed a discrepancy in one scene of season 2, where Salvador “Sal” Perez and then-fiancée Mallory Zapata were having dinner. During their heated conversation, the quantity of stir-fry on their plates noticeably changed.
The social media user highlighted the amusing observation, noting that in a continuous conversation, their plates went from full to empty and back to full, much to the user's delight.

#10. Double the Eiffel Towers In 'Emily in Paris'

Double the Eiffel Towers in 'Emily in Paris' Source: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2022
In January 2023, fans noticed a peculiar detail in a season 3 scene. After Emily walked around Madeline's hotel room, eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that two separate Eiffel Towers were visible through different windows.

#11. Gossip Girl Fashion Mistake

Gossip Girl Fashion Mistake Source: The CW (2)
During the viewing of the fourth episode of Gossip Girl season 6, titled "Portrait of a Lady Alexander," in May 2020, an astute viewer caught a fashion mishap. In one scene, Lively's character is seen wearing a peach dress while standing in a restaurant.
However, in the next frame, she is unexpectedly sporting black sweatpants under her fitted frock, revealing a significant wardrobe mishap.

#12. Avengers Endgame Mishap

Avengers Endgame Mishap Source: Marvel (2)
In May 2020, TikTok user @Laurisramirez10 gained viral attention for highlighting a significant plot hole in Avengers: Endgame. During the climactic final battle, as Black Panther (the late Chadwick Boseman) takes control of the Infinity Gauntlet, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) is unexpectedly seen in the background.
The problem arises because, in the storyline, Ant-Man is supposed to be occupied with hotwiring a van alongside Wasp (Evangeline Lilly), creating a situation where he is unintentionally in two places at once.

#13. High School Musical Song Swap

High School Musical Song Swap Source: Vevo
While watching the 2006 film High School Musical, a keen-eyed social media user noticed a flaw in the singing parts during Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) and Troy Bolton's (Zac Efron) duet. In the scene, Gabriella freezes on stage and starts to walk off, prompting Troy to stop her and provide a pep talk.
When they return to center stage, Troy begins to sing. The peculiar aspect is that Gabriella was originally supposed to start the song, explaining her stage fright almost derailing the number, yet Troy kicks off the performance instead.

#14. Barefoot Upper Eastsider

Barefoot Upper Eastsider Source: The CW
In June 2020, a sharp-eyed Gossip Girl fan spotted a detail in season 5's "Jewel of Denial."
While watching a scene where Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Dan Humphry (Penn Badgley) are walking at a party, the observer noticed an extra in the background wearing only one shoe.
The woman can be seen barefoot on one side and wearing a high heel on the other.

#15. You's Peculiar Profile Pic

You's Peculiar Profile Pic Source: Courtesy of annabellleryan/TikTok
On TikTok, an astute fan pointed out that Joe's Messenger photo in season 3 doesn't quite resemble the actor who plays him.
"IM LOSING MY MIND???? WHO IS THAT??????" the viewer captioned a clip of Love (Victoria Pedretti) texting Joe (Penn Badgley) on the Netflix series. The person humorously quipped that the image wasn't of Joe Goldberg but rather “Joey Silverberg.”

#16. House Bunny Hair

House Bunny Hair Source: Happy Madison Productions//Shutterstock
TikTok user @sloopyflooop spotted a beauty mishap in the 2008 film The House Bunny while watching it in March 2021. As Anna Faris' character, Shelley Darlingson, gets her hair done at a salon, the user pointed out that the hairstylist doesn’t actually do anything to her ‘do.
On closer inspection, the curling tool never touches Faris’ blonde locks; instead, the stylist merely moves his hand close to her head.

#17. Friends' Dad Double Take

Friends' Dad Double Take Source: HBO Max (3)
Fans caught a continuity error while watching Friends in February 2021. In a scene from season 8’s “The One in Massapequa,” Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) engage in conversation with Judy (Christina Pickles) and Jack Gellar (Elliott Gould) at the Gellar’s 35th anniversary party.
At a certain point in the clip, the camera switches angles and briefly exposes a stand-in for Gould, but the shot quickly changes, and Gould is back on screen.

#18. Stranger Things' Birthday Details

Stranger Things' Birthday Details Source: Courtesy of Netflix
Fans noticed a birthday continuity error in Stranger Things Season 4 when Mike visited Eleven on March 22, coinciding with Will's birthday. Despite footage marking the date, characters seemed oblivious, sparking debate among viewers about intentional neglect due to Will's storyline.
Creators Matt and Ross Duffer later admitted forgetting Will's birthday. In June 2022, Matt mentioned considering May 22 as a new birthday, "George Lucas-ing the situation." The Duffers confirmed the on-screen correction and shared their ability to make subtle changes post-release, citing Netflix's flexibility in patching visual effects during the opening week.

#19. One Tree Hill’s Car Switch

One Tree Hill’s Car Switch Source: Warner Bros Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock
While watching Season 2, Episode 6 of One Tree Hill on Hulu, TikTok user @sarah_wirgau noticed a fascinating detail. In July 2021, she shared a clip capturing Chad Michael Murray and Paul Johansson's stunt doubles on screen. The TikTok user observed the stunt doubles for Lucas and Dan Scott during a scene where Murray’s Lucas Scott is driving with Johansson’s Dan Scott in a red convertible.
In a race against newcomer Felix Taggarro (played by Michael Copon), a zoom-out and zoom-in sequence accidentally revealed the stunt doubles, who were noticeably older than the actors, sharing the same red vehicle.

#20. ‘Selling Sunset’ Phone Call

‘Selling Sunset’ Phone Call Source: Netflix
Keen-eyed Netflix viewers took to Twitter to point out an amusing detail in the 7th episode of Selling Sunset Season 5, which premiered in April 2022. Fans observed that Jason Oppenheim, the head of the Oppenheim Group, appeared to pretend to take a phone call with a client.
In the episode, newcomer agent Chelsea Lazkani presented Jason with a significant home offer, which he discussed with his "client" over the phone. However, a closer look revealed that the former attorney's phone was actually open to his camera app instead of being on an actual call.

#21. Don’t Look Up’s Film Crew Mishap

Don’t Look Up’s Film Crew Mishap Source: Netflix
TikTok user Ben Köhler (@sightpicture) shared a clip from Don't Look Up in December 2021, where he astutely pointed out a moment when the film crew is visible in the background for three or four frames.
“At one hour, 28 minutes, and 10 seconds, it looks like you can see the whole film crew standing here, for like three or four frames," the fan mentioned in the video. “They're like, ‘Oh, they probably won't notice that.' Yup [I did]."
The film's producer, Adam McKay, praised the user for catching the intentional film crew sighting. “Good eye! We left that blip of the crew in on purpose to commemorate the strange filming experience,” he tweeted.

#22. A Mysterious Hand In 'The Princess Diaries 2'

A Mysterious Hand In 'The Princess Diaries 2' Source: Moviestore/Shutterstock
In May 2022, a TikTok user made a humorous discovery in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement involving Mia (Anne Hathaway) receiving a literal helping hand in one scene. "Have you ever noticed the hand stopping the chair?" the social media sleuth wrote in their caption.
Other fans chimed in, expressing surprise at the observation, with one viewer joking, "Well shoot. Now I’m gonna have to see TPD for the 10000th time."
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