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  1. Who Is Ken Goldin’s Wife?
  2. Facts About Ken Goldin’s Family

Ken Goldin's Wife And Family: An In-Depth Insight into Their Married Life

Welcome to the world of Jenn Goldin, Ken Goldin’s wife, the true love of this renowned figure. Beyond the public eye, her life story becomes a captivating well of fascination and wonder.

This article serves as your portal to uncovering the intriguing aspects of her life and giving us more information about Ken Goldin’s family. Delve further into this article to unveil the enchanting insights about this couple, sure to spark your interest.


Who Is Ken Goldin’s Wife?

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Let’s meet Jennifer Goldin, not just as Ken Goldin’s second wife, but as a licensed clinical psychologist with a remarkable journey. It’s more surprising to know that her name coincides with the name of Ken’s ex-wife. Jenn was born in Dec 1964. Her parents are from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

For over a decade, Jenn Goldin has been at the helm of Palm Beach Women’s Consulting, where her expertise shines. But that's not all – her earlier years saw her as a sought-after consultant for numerous companies. 


How Ken Goldin And His Wife Met?

We don't know much about how they fell in love, but they're said to have dated for a long time before moving on to marriage.

What’s Their Married Life Like?

Ken Goldin tends to keep his marriage with Jennifer private, but they often appear in several shows and events. Their photos on social media are evidence of how much they love and appreciate each other.

How Many Kids Do They Have?

Ken and Jennifer Goldin have two children: a daughter named Carleigh (2017) and a son Paul (2013). Ken had another daughter named Laura from his previous marriage. Laura and his father have a close relationship and they often joke on shows.


Facts About Ken Goldin’s Family

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Ken Goldin was born in an American family in New Jersey. There is also his hometown.

Ken Goldin’s Dad

The name of Ken Goldin’s father is Paul J Goldin. Sadly, he died years ago. According to the New York Times, he passed away in 1996 from a heart attack.

He worked as an assistant professor of statistics at Drexel University in Philadelphia. His son Ken's passion for baseball cards sparked his curiosity.

When Ken Goldin was 21 years old, they ventured into the world of baseball cards by creating Score Board, selling and distributing baseball cards.

Since then, the Cherry Hill-based corporation, publicly traded, broadened its horizons beyond baseball cards, diving into various other realms of collectibles, other sports and Entertainment.

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Ken Goldin’s Mom

Carole Goldin is Ken’s mom. She also passed away in Aug 2016. Her mom had two marriages and the name of her second husband is Julius Friedman.

Does Ken Goldin Have Siblings?

Ken Goldin has only one sibling named Sharon Goldin, who is a year older than him. She got married to Roger but he passed away. Now, she is living in Lauderhill, Florida.


Jennifer Goldin, Ken Goldin's wife, is a captivating and accomplished presence in the life of the owner of Golden Auctions. She is a talented woman who shone in her teenage years. Now, she is enjoying happy and joyful days with her husband and children. 

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