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  1. Lindsey Hartley Returns as Temporary Sam McCall In GH

Where Is Kelly Monaco On General Hospital? Lindsey Hartley as Sam McCall

Kelly Monaco is not leaving "General Hospital" permanently. Lindsay Korman-Hartley has temporarily replaced her in the role of Sam McCall, but this change is only for a short duration.

"General Hospital" has a history of temporary recasts, and this isn't the first time Lindsay Hartley has stepped in for Kelly Monaco; she previously filled in during 2020 and 2022 when Monaco faced health issues. Temporary replacements are common in soap operas, and GH has experienced similar situations with characters like Josslyn Jacks and Maxie Jones.


Lindsey Hartley Returns as Temporary Sam McCall In GH

Lindsey Hartley Returns as Temporary Sam McCall In GH Source: General Hospital

Lindsay Hartley is temporarily reprising her role as Sam McCall in "General Hospital." This marks her return to the ABC soap opera, continuing her history of stepping in for Kelly Monaco. Hartley, renowned for her roles in "Passions" and "All My Children," previously filled in for Monaco in 2020 and 2022. Her latest appearance began with the January 2nd episode.

This instance of recasting is part of a recent trend in "General Hospital," with characters like Maxie Jones and Josslyn Jacks also being temporarily played by other actresses. Hartley’s return was confirmed through her Instagram post, showcasing her character alongside Dominic Zamprogna's Dante.

While the duration of her appearance remains unspecified, Kelly Monaco is already back on set, hinting at a brief stint for Hartley. Fans can expect Monaco to feature in the upcoming memorial episodes for Jacklyn Zeman's character, Barbara Jean “Bobbie” Spencer.

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About Lindsay Hartley

Lindsay Hartley, born on April 17, 1978, is a highly respected American actress with a big impact on daytime television. Hartley, of Jewish, Greek, and Italian descent, first became well-known through her roles in "Passions," "All My Children," and "Days of Our Lives." Her portrayal of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane in "Passions" remains super famous among soap opera fans.

Apart from her acting career, Hartley started directing directing several TV movies for networks like Lifetime and Tubi. She was born in Palm Springs, California, and has had an interesting personal life. In 2003, she started going out with Justin Hartley, her co-star from "Passions." They decided to get married within six months and married in May 2004. The couple had a daughter, Isabella Justice Hartley, in July 2004 but split in 2012 because of big differences.

Hartley's short comeback to "General Hospital" as Sam McCall is the newest big thing in her varied career. Her ability to easily take on various roles and her skills behind the scenes show her versatility and her love for acting and storytelling.

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