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  1. Is Steve Burton Returning To General Hospital As Jason Morgan?
  2. Steve Burton Left 'General Hospital' After 21 Years

Is Steve Burton Coming Back To General Hospital?

Recent news has buzzed around Steve Burton, known for his role in "Days of Our Lives," announcing his departure from the show. This development has ignited curiosity among fans, particularly regarding the possibility of his return to "General Hospital" as the iconic Jason Morgan. Let's dive into what this could mean for Burton and the future of his career.


Is Steve Burton Returning To General Hospital As Jason Morgan?

Is Steve Burton Returning To General Hospital Source: General Hospital
As of now, there's no official confirmation regarding Steve Burton's return to "General Hospital". In November 2021, big news was made: Steve Burton was no longer part of the "General Hospital" cast. His character, Jason Morgan, ended dramatically when a tunnel collapsed, leaving fans speculating about his potential return. Burton's exit from the show was due to his refusal to comply with a vaccine mandate, a decision he shared with colleague Ingo Rademacher.
Since then, Burton's professional and personal life has been super busy. He faced a public divorce and soon after, joined the cast of "Days of Our Lives" on a one-year contract. His role as Harris in this series drew attention, especially amidst Salem's super exciting drug crisis storyline.

Steve Burton Left 'General Hospital' After 21 Years

Burton's journey with "General Hospital" was an awesome ride, spanning over two decades. His portrayal of Jason Morgan earned him immense acclaim, including a Daytime Emmy Award. However, his tenure on the show ended in 2021 because he didn't follow the vaccine rules. This decision was part of a bigger pattern in the Entertainment industry during the pandemic, as various actors faced similar choices.
His transition to "Days of Our Lives" marked a new chapter, with his character Harris Michaels becoming a key part of the story. Nonetheless, Burton's recent departure from this role has got everyone guessing about a possible return to "General Hospital."

As of now, it's unclear if Steve Burton will return as Jason Morgan in "General Hospital" or embrace a new role after his exit from "Days of Our Lives." However, one thing is certain: his next move is eagerly awaited by fans and industry watchers.

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