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Justin Timberlake's "Selfish" Lyrics Meaning: “Losing Oneself to Jealousy”

Justin Timberlake's new song "Selfish," from his upcoming album "Everything I Thought It Was," shows a more personal side of the artist. The song gets into the details of emotions, especially jealousy, in a relationship. He described "Selfish" as a real, straight-up song, reflecting a simple but deep production style. "Selfish" was co-written by Timberlake, Louis Bell, Cirkut, Theron Thomas, and Amy Allen. The song is part of Timberlake's first album since 2018's "Man of the Woods," which is set to release on March 15.

Key Takeaways

  • "Selfish" shows Justin Timberlake getting real about jealousy in love, a side not often seen in guys' music.
  • The lyrics dive into how deep love can mix with a clingy side, showing a special, intense connection.
  • In the "Selfish" video, Timberlake steps into a world of jealousy, showing how it can really mess with your head and change you.

Justin Timberlake's "Selfish" Lyrics Meaning

justin timberlake selfish lyrics meaning Source: @justintimberlake

"Selfish" by Justin Timberlake is about the possessiveness and jealousy in love. The lyrics paint a picture of really being into someone and the desire to keep their special someone near. In the opening verse, Timberlake sings, "If they saw what I saw, They would fall the way I fell." This line suggests a special, kinda secret connection he shares with his love interest.

Justin Timberlake's "Selfish" can be seen in a fun way, highlighting the humorous side of possessiveness in love. The song humorously portrays the idea of falling in love as akin to a comical tumble down imaginary stairs.

The chorus, "So if I get jealous, I can't help it, I want every bit of you, I guess I'm selfish," candidly expresses the narrator's can't help being jealous and way too clingy. Despite acknowledging the possible damage to his mental health, Timberlake's character seems unable to resist these intense emotions.


About The MV

Justin Timberlake's music video for "Selfish" adds lots of cool visuals to the song's exploration of jealousy. The video, directed by Bradley Calder, is a creative trip, giving a shout-out to the film "Being John Malkovich." It features Timberlake entering a mysterious door, showing a drop into the depths of jealousy and possessiveness.

As he steps through the door, it's as if he's entering the mind and emotions of someone overwhelmed by jealousy. This visual way of showing powerfully illustrates how jealousy can alter how you see things and what's real.

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