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  1. Was Justin Chiasson A.K.A Stalekracker Arrested?
  2. He Refused Lie Detector Test After Hit And Run, Wife Says
  3. Was Justin Chiasson Involved In A DWI Case? Where Is He Now?
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Justin Chiasson A.K.A Stalekracker Arrested: What We Know Until Now

Justin Chiasson, hailing from Louisiana and better known as Stalekracker on TikTok, has taken the internet by storm with his incredibly fun Cajun cooking videos. It all began in 2020 when he posted his very first video. Fast forward, and Chiasson has amassed an impressive following of over 6 million users.

Recently, rumors started circulating that he was found to be involved in an accident which caused him some legal issues.

Now, there are new reports surfacing that suggest those rumors might actually be true. So, what's the story with Stalekracker? Is he really in hot water?


Was Justin Chiasson A.K.A Stalekracker Arrested?

StaleKracker (real name is Justin Chiasson), isn't just famous for his Cajun Two Step seasoning. He's also been in the spotlight as a Louisiana State Trooper. However, his career with the Louisiana State Police has hit a roadblock (luckily for him though, he was not arrested, only interrogated.)

According to, an investigation was launched after claims emerged that Chiasson was involved in a boating crash while off duty in July 2022. He was a passenger on the boat, and when the boat collided with another one, both Chiasson and the boat's driver fled the scene without reporting the accident. This behavior led to consequences.

As of January 6, 2023, Justin Chiasson has been terminated from the Louisiana State Police for violating the department's code of conduct. The reasons cited include conduct unbecoming of an officer and making false statements.


The incident itself involved a boat diver by the name of Bryan Nolan, who was later arrested after colliding with another boat, including passengers, driven by Jodi Sheets. 

One passenger on Sheets' boat suffered a concussion. After the crash, Nolan fled the scene, and Chiasson, the state trooper aboard his boat, did not call for help.

Jodi Sheets expressed disappointment, stating that regardless of whether Chiasson was on duty or off, he had an obligation to protect and serve that night, which he did not fulfill.


He Refused Lie Detector Test After Hit And Run, Wife Says

stalekracker arrested Source: Google Images

In messages obtained by the WBRZ Investigative Unit, Justin “Stalecracker'' Chiasson’s wife, Amy Chiasson, explained that her husband refused to take a lie detector test related to the boating crash. 

She claimed he did so to protect a lieutenant who was also on the boat. According to her messages, Justin Chiasson considered himself the actual victim in this situation, citing broken ribs from the crash.

Chiasson was placed on leave three months after the incident, and the decision was made as the administrative investigation progressed. Questions arose regarding Chiasson's refusal to take a lie detector test and whether his lieutenant was questioned during the investigation.

justin stalecracker'' chiasson wife Source: Google Images

In her messages, Amy Chiasson also expressed frustration with the situation, describing her disillusionment with the Louisiana State Police and the news coverage surrounding it.

This incident is not the first time the Louisiana State Police have faced internal issues. In the past, another trooper, Albert Paxton, was investigated for sharing internal information about a separate case with his wife. 

Paxton claimed he was disciplined for discussing difficulties he encountered while investigating a deadly arrest.

Local news outlets attempted to arrange an interview with Amy Chiasson, but she did not make herself available for one.


Was Justin Chiasson Involved In A DWI Case? Where Is He Now?

stalekracker boat accident Source: Google Images

Not Justin, but Bryan faced the real legal consequences of his actions, being arrested and charged with a hit and run. 

Additionally, he was accused of negligent injuring, two counts of careless operation of a watercraft, and DWI (driving while intoxicated). 

The situation for Justin took a different turn. He didn't face any consequences until last October when news broke that he was the subject of an internal investigation within the state police. 

Justin Chiasson Involved In A DWI Source: Google Images

As a result, he was placed on leave until the investigation concluded and later fired.

While he did leave the scene and failed to report the incident, it's important to note that he was a passenger on the boat, not the driver, so it’s understandable that he was not officially held in custody.

As of September 2023, Justin Chiasson has come back with his regular schedule as a TikToker. He posts videos daily, sharing his iconic Cajun cooking content. It seems that everything is fine with him now.



justin chiasson - conclusion Source: Google Images

Justin Chiasson is a very popular TikToker with over 6 million followers on the platform. Fans love him for being a very grounded, enthusiastic guy who loves cooking and sharing the notorious Cajun recipes.

Though he has had some critical ups and downs in the last two years, resulting in him losing his job at Louisiana State Police, Justin still managed to get through and became successful as a content creator. Props to him for that.

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