Just a Handful of Funny Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Your Way Into New Year

Before you know it, the year is gone, and it will be a new year again. And let's be honest here we all have a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. Like, it’s exciting to wipe our vision board clean for upcoming plans, but we also realize our last year's resolutions are still there and they are not going to resolve themselves. That's when we know we’re still the same people we were on January 1 as we were on December 31. (Well, unless someone figures out the whole "Freaky Friday" recipe.) But for now, leave those last year's resolutions to fate and check out this handful of funny tweets instead; at least those will get a laugh or two.
Whether you are out celebrating with friends at a party doused in glitter or snuggled up on the couch and asleep by 9 p.m., everyone can enjoy these funny New Year's tweets about the changing of the calendar. Send them to your friends, coworkers, cats, and crushes you have not talked to since last year. You will not be able to use them for another 12 months, so you might as well get it all out of your system now!

#1. This cuts a little close to the bone LOL.

Source: DrakeGatsby

#2. Tbh, January rent should be illegal.

Source: AmeriKraut

#3. Tragic...

Source: Yellow_Frame

#4. If only I had a pet now.

Source: SpookyGothLoser

#5. "No. I’ll be paying $25 for my drink thank u very much."

Source: CaucasianJames

#6. Then January is going to feel like it’s 72 days long.

Source: MrJamesCosgrove

#7. "I can’t wait to write down all my goals for New Year and not accomplish a single one of them"

Source: calebsaysthings

#8. Have you ever felt so seen and attacked at the same time?

Source: rachsyme

#9. But what’s more fun than new year, new you?

Source: joshgondelman

#10. Humans are simply not built for email.

Source: proofrawk

#11. Hold on...

Source: colmflynnire

#12. Ahhhhh crap, this is my love language too.

Source: LilyYily

#13. "Man down, man down... I've been hit."

Source: jzux

#14. Okay but look what we did to wolves now we have Chihuahuas could you imagine a Chihuahua bear...

Source: erinmhk

#15. Then they got mad at him for a $900 room service bill… so what did we learn?

Source: jayacancook

#16. "J-just one more game and I’ll be fine r-right?"

Source: forestwithout

#17. Is your dad my dad?

Source: kellyccooper

#18. If she knew how to do it she should've walked you through it...

Source: heyyitsjanea

#19. It wasn’t an OB/GYN office and it wasn’t intentional.

Source: SarahLWasserman

#20. It’s been 24 years, what are they covering up...

Source: roastmalone_

#21. Their murder mysteries are so good and you can’t find none of them lol.

Source: adatarg

#22. Amen!

Source: melissabroder

#23. And lastly, 20203 going to be a great year!

Source: emily_murnane

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