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  1. What Was Josh Gates's Illness?
  2. Why Was Josh Gates Hospitalized?
  3. What Is Josh Gates's Social Media?
  4. What Is Josh Gates's Net Worth?
  5. The Josh Gates Hospitalized Saga: Conclusion

Josh Gates Illness: Why He Was Hospitalized So Mysteriously In 2021

Josh Gates is a famous American television host and producer who has traveled the world in search of adventure and mystery. He is best known for his shows Expedition Unknown and Legendary Locations on the Discovery Channel, where he explores historical and paranormal phenomena. 

But around July 2021, the TV host was hospitalized over a mysterious illness. So why was Josh Gates hospitalized in 2021? And how is he doing now? Here is everything you need to know about Josh Gates's health update.


What Was Josh Gates's Illness?

What Was Josh Gates's Illness? Source: Discovery

Among Josh Gates’s illnesses, he encountered a unique health challenge: an allergy to hedera helix (English ivy), provoking skin irritation, swelling, and even severe anaphylaxis. In 2016, he revealed this rarity via Twitter, humorously musing about his distinctive condition, saying, "Statistically, almost nobody is allergic to hedera helix or common English ivy. I guess that makes me special?" 

However, that's not the sole health obstacle Gates has confronted…


Why Was Josh Gates Hospitalized?

Why Was Josh Gates Hospitalized? Source: Google Images

In January 2021, while living alongside hundreds of men deep underground in a Romanian cave, television personality Josh Gates found himself hospitalized following a challenging expedition for "Expedition Unknown". Following the consumption of food exposed to cave-dwelling bats, insects, and other creatures, Gates and his crew contracted the rotavirus.

This prompted symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and dehydration, which can prove fatal if left unaddressed. Prompt medical attention was imperative, and Gates and his team were immediately admitted to a local medical facility, where they underwent intravenous fluid administration and received antibiotic treatment. With a few days of rest and medical intervention, they successfully recuperated from the ordeal. Gates candidly shared his ordeal on Instagram, stating, "I've never been so sick in my life. I don't think I'll ever go back to a cave again."


What Is Josh Gates's Social Media?

Josh Gates is active on Twitter, where he has over 500k followers. His handle is @joshuagates and his bio reads "Explorer. Host of #ExpeditionUnknown & #LegendaryLocations on @Discovery & @discoveryplus". He posts updates on his shows, travels, personal life, and opinions.

He also interacts with his fans and other celebrities on Twitter. For example, he recently tweeted "Happy birthday to the one and only @TheRealElvira! You are a legend and an inspiration. Thanks for always being so kind and supportive. Wishing you all the best!"

Josh Gates’s social media handles:


What Is Josh Gates's Net Worth?

Source: @JoshGatesTV

Josh Gates has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2022. He earns his income from his television career as a host and producer of various shows on the Discovery Channel and other networks. He also makes money from his book sales, live events, endorsements, and merchandise.

The television host and producer also published his first book, Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, in 2011. It is a collection of his stories and experiences from his show Destination Truth, where he investigated cryptozoological creatures and paranormal phenomena around the world. The book received positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

Josh Gates also hosts live events such as Expedition Live: Egypt's Lost Tombs, where he revealed the discovery of a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 2019. He also participates in conventions, festivals, podcasts, and interviews where he shares his insights and adventures.


The Josh Gates Hospitalized Saga: Conclusion

Josh Gates Hospitalized Source: Josh Gates

Josh Gates was hospitalized due to his adventurous lifestyle, such as being allergic to English ivy and contracting rotavirus from bat feces. However, he has overcome these obstacles and continues to entertain and educate his audience with his shows. His adventurous and daring spirit makes him a successful television personality who has a passion for exploration and discovery.  

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