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  1. His passion for music
  2. His acting career
  3. He starred in independent movies and had a deep connection with Tim Burton
  4. Career setbacks and failures in personal life
  5. Depp’s return to cinema

Johnny Depp Lost $650 Million Just In 13 Years

Johnny Depp, despite facing challenges in his career lately, undeniably made a huge impact on Hollywood and pop culture at the height of his fame. Many wonder about Johnny Depp's net worth, given that his Movies,earned over $12 billion worldwide. It's intriguing to explore how the famous actor earned his income and how legal issues may have influenced his wealth. 
Despite recent setbacks, Depp's legacy and financial success in the film industry remain noteworthy, and fans continue to be curious about the intricacies of his financial journey.

His passion for music

Johnny Depp's passion for music Source: East News
Johnny Depp, the youngest of four, saw his parents' divorce at 15. His mother's remarriage to Robert Palmer became a significant influence. Introduced to music at 12, Depp left school at 16 to pursue a rock star career. Although he tried returning to school, the principal encouraged him to follow his musical dream. 
In 1980, Depp joined The Kids, gaining popularity in Florida, but after relocating to Los Angeles as Six Gun Method, the band disbanded in 1984. He then collaborated with Rock City Angels, co-writing "Mary" for their first Geffen Records album. Despite early challenges, these musical experiences paved the way for Depp's later success in both acting and music.

His acting career

Facing challenges in his music career, Johnny Depp found a new passion thanks to his friend Nicolas Cage. Cage, recognizing Depp's interest in acting, encouraged him to give it a try. Depp, who had already read about James Dean and seen Rebel Without a Cause, took the advice. Cage even assisted Depp in landing his first audition for A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Later, the actor admitted to not having any desire to be an actor. He explained, “I was a musician, but the fact that these people were going to pay me what I found to be a ludicrous sum of money. It was kinda the SAG minimum, it was $1,284 a week... I’d never seen that kind of dough in my life.” That sum was enough for him to pay bills that his musical career didn’t.
In 1987, after some small roles, Johnny Depp struck gold with his first major gig on the Fox TV series 21 Jump Street. He earned around $45,000 per episode playing an undercover police officer in a high school. This role turned Depp into a teen idol, but he later felt the series boxed him into a certain image, which he found limiting.

He starred in independent movies and had a deep connection with Tim Burton

In 1990, he starred in Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, alongside Dianne Wiest and Winona Ryder. The romantic fantasy movie achieved both commercial and critical success, earning $86 million worldwide. Rumors suggest Depp received nearly $3 million for his role in the film. This shift showcased his acting versatility.
In 1993, Johnny Depp starred in three films. In Benny and Joon, a romantic comedy, he played a quirky guy who befriends a woman with mental health challenges. The movie unexpectedly earned $30 million worldwide, securing Depp his second Golden Globe nomination. 
His second film, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, a family drama with Leonardo DiCaprio, received critical acclaim despite modest box office success. 
Depp's final movie that year, Arizona Dream, a comedy-drama by Emir Kusturica, garnered positive reviews but struggled at the box office, grossing only $112,547. Despite varied outcomes, these films showcased Depp's diverse acting skills.
In the late 19th century, Johnny Depp starred in cult films like Don Juan DeMarco with Marlon Brando, earning $68 million worldwide. In 1997, he and Al Pacino co-starred in Donnie Brasco, a crime drama based on an FBI agent's true story, earning $124 million against a $35 million budget. Depp spent time with the agent to prepare for his role. 
In 1999, he collaborated with Tim Burton again for the supernatural thriller Sleepy Hollow, earning a reported $20 million, a substantial increase from his earlier films. These roles marked a successful period for Depp, showcasing both his versatility and box office appeal.
Johnny Depp portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow Source: Walt Disney Pictures/EastNews
Johnny Depp's net worth owes much to his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Starting in 2003, he earned accolades, including an Academy Award nomination, for his comedic portrayal. 
For the first film, he got $10 million, and the sequel brought him $60 million, with a total franchise income of $300 million. His earnings continued with multimillion-dollar paychecks for films like Alice in Wonderland, Rum Diary, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Tourist. Beyond movies, Depp's wealth grew through lucrative endorsements with brands like Dior Sauvage, Tom Ford, and H&M.

Career setbacks and failures in personal life

At his peak, Johnny Depp's net worth was around $900 million, and in 2012, he held the Guinness World Record for the highest-paid actor. However, his lavish lifestyle led to an extravagant spending of $650 million from 2003 to 2016. Depp's monthly expenses, including 14 residences, 70 guitars, and fine wines, amounted to an astonishing $2 million. He exclusively traveled by private plane, a Gulfstream GV, incurring a monthly cost of $200,000.
Johnny Depp invested $75 million in 14 properties globally, including a $13.5 million château in France, islands in the Bahamas, and a Kentucky horse farm. Financial setbacks came with his separation from Vanessa Paradis and a $7 million divorce settlement with Amber Heard in 2017. These personal and legal challenges, along with an ongoing countersuit from Heard, have put Depp in a precarious financial position.
Johnny Depp faced challenges in his career with films like The Lone Ranger, causing Disney a $190 million loss. In 2016, his return as the Mad Hatter in Alice Through the Looking Glass resulted in a $70 million loss for Disney and two Golden Raspberry nominations, contrasting with the success of the first Alice in Wonderland film.
Around 2018, Johnny Depp faced setbacks, being dropped from future Pirates of the Caribbean movies by Disney and distancing from Universal's Dark Universe franchise. In his last 2018 release, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, his casting drew criticism, leading to his resignation in November 2020 at Warner Bros.' request. Mads Mikkelsen took over, and shortly after, The Hollywood Reporter labeled Depp as "persona non-grata" in the film industry.

Depp’s return to cinema

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Johnny Depp’s net worth now stands at $150 million, despite having reportedly spent $650 million over 13 years.
In 2022, Johnny Depp played King Louis XV in the French period film Jeanne du Barry, directed by Maïwenn. The movie, financed and streamed by Netflix, tells the story of Madame du Barry's rise in Louis XV's court. It's a notable project as it's Depp's first French-language film. Premiering at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, where it opened, Jeanne du Barry received mixed reviews from critics.
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