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  1. Katie Holmes
  2. Jon Gosselin
  3. Kris Humphries
  4. Madonna
  5. Denise Richards
  6. Robin Givens
  7. Anna Faris
  8. Meg Ryan
  9. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

10 Actors Whose Careers Ruined By Their Spouses

Being a famous actor comes with its own set of challenges, and sometimes, the personal lives of actors become entangled in the public eye. Some actors have faced challenges in their careers influenced by their spouses. Media scrutiny and public attention can impact opportunities and how they're perceived. 
It's important to remember that personal relationships are just one part of an actor's life, and blaming career shifts solely on spouses might oversimplify the complex situations they face.
Today, we’ll give you some examples that actors’ professional reputations were severely damaged by controversial marriages and divorces.

#1. Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise Source: Getty Images
TomKat was a big Hollywood couple in the 2000s, but the attention wasn't always positive, especially for Katie Holmes. After having a baby, she stepped back from big projects, like Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, partly due to media focus on her family and Tom Cruise's Scientology beliefs. 
They divorced in 2012, with many thinking religion played a role. While Cruise kept his movie star status, Holmes faced challenges and continued working on smaller projects.

#2. Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Source: Getty Images
Jon and Kate Gosselin were a regular couple with twins and sextuplets, making them a popular family on reality TV with "Jon & Kate Plus 8." When they separated in 2009, the focus shifted to Kate's perspective, and Jon became the alleged bad guy in a dramatic divorce played out in tabloids. 
While Kate built a career in reality TV with "Kate Plus 8," Jon stepped back into a private life. He's tried to rebrand with a music career and reportedly sought to reconnect with his children away from the spotlight.

#3. Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian Source: Getty Images
NBA player Kris Humphries became more famous when he married reality TV star Kim Kardashian in 2011. Their highly publicized wedding ended in separation after just 72 days, and Humphries faced jokes in pop culture and at games. Forbes even named him the NBA’s most disliked player that year. 
The divorce was finalized in 2013, and Humphries's public image suffered. Despite Kardashian expressing regret for the embarrassment, Humphries's athletic career ended quietly in 2017. It seems unfair that his reputation took a hit for a marriage that didn't work out.

#4. Madonna

Guy Ritchie Source: Getty Images
Madonna is a music legend, but her acting career had a tough time when she teamed up with her husband, Guy Ritchie, for the movie "Swept Away." The film was a big flop, and Madonna got two awards for not-so-good acting. This affected Ritchie's reputation as a filmmaker. After they split in 2008, Madonna stopped acting and tried filmmaking instead. But the flop movie really hurt her acting career.

#5. Denise Richards

Guy Ritchie Source: Getty Images
Charlie Sheen's troubled behavior has caused issues for many women, but Denise Richards faced significant professional fallout. They got married in 2002, but Richards filed for divorce less than 3 years later while pregnant. Attempts at reconciliation failed, with Richards even seeking a restraining order due to Sheen's threats. 
The messy divorce became a tabloid sensation. Although they eventually reached a good place, Richards's on-screen career took a hit, and she admitted the messy divorce played a big role. Despite being likable, her reputation has been overshadowed by the domestic drama.

#6. Robin Givens

Mike Tyson Source: Getty Images
In the 1980s, Robin Givens got famous for a sitcom, but she's mostly remembered for her short and troubled marriage to Mike Tyson in 1988. The marriage lasted just over a year, with Givens citing abuse in the divorce. 
Tyson admitted to being violent, but public opinion largely favored him, blaming Givens for exploiting him. She faced tabloid backlash, impacting her acting career. Givens is now an advocate against domestic abuse. Despite Tyson expressing remorse for his past, he hasn't publicly apologized to Givens for what she went through.

#7. Anna Faris

Chris Pratt Source: Getty Images
Even though she's a famous comedic actor, Anna Faris has struggled with professional insecurities that affected her relationships, including her marriage to Chris Pratt. Their split in 2018 coincided with Pratt's rising movie star status, while Faris stepped back from her TV show "Mom" to explore new opportunities. 
However, things didn't go as smoothly for her professionally, and her worries about how a relationship can impact her public image proved true. Taking a break from work, Faris married cinematographer Michael Barrett in 2021, considering it a welcome pause from her busy schedule.

#8. Meg Ryan

Dennis Quaid Source: Getty Images
Meg Ryan was the queen of '90s romantic comedies, but her real-life love story took a hit. Her ten-year marriage to Dennis Quaid ended in 2001 amid rumors of her affair with Russell Crowe. While Ryan confirmed the romance, she also revealed Quaid had affairs. The scandal significantly impacted her career, with a series of failed movies. Many think the bitter marriage and divorce played a big role in her reluctant shift from her rom-com queen image.

#9. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Source: Getty Images
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp had a highly publicized breakup after just over a year of marriage in 2016. Heard filed for divorce and a restraining order, accusing Depp of domestic abuse. Their legal battle, including Depp's defamation suit over Heard's op-ed, grabbed headlines, sparking debates about gender violence. Despite Depp winning the case, both stars faced setbacks in their careers and reputations. The breakup became a significant event, impacting their public images and professional lives.
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