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  1. Info About John McCool, Tracy McCool’s Husband
  2. John McCool’s Obituary
  3. His Death’s Cause
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John McCool’s Obituary: The Story Behind The Death Of Tracy McCool’s Husband

Today, let’s discover John McCool's obituary to pay tribute to the husband of Tracy McCool, an accomplished news presenter and journalist. He is one of the most cherished figures in the life of Tracy. His passing has left a void in the hearts of Tracy and those who respected and loved him. 

John’s family, especially his wife, was always by his side during the final stages of his life. Are you curious about the cause of his death’s cause? Keep scrolling down to find out the answer. 


Info About John McCool, Tracy McCool’s Husband

John McCool served in the military and was the owner of a gym where he passionately trained mixed martial arts fighters. He was a nice and kind guy. Despite his diagnosis in 2018, he remained unwaveringly positive and never stopped smiling.

“My motto is always to leave ‘em laughing,” he shared. “When I go in for treatment, I’m not thinking about having to sit there for five hours and having them put all this medicine in me. I’m thinking about how I can make my nurse crack a smile?”

A year after his diagnosis, he even became more humble and spent more time with his wife and children.

John remained brave throughout his five-year battle and used his story to help others. He became an advocate.


John McCool’s Obituary

John McCool death Source: Google Images

Following the news of John's passing, Fox 8 extended their condolences to the McCool family and emphasized how important kind words and prayers were to their family. 

John’s treatments lasted 5 years but during the period of time, he never showed his negativity. 

John's passing was a profound loss for Tracy and her family, and they continue to grapple with the grief. Tracy McCool, the Fox 8 news anchor, has admirably pressed on despite this challenging time. Her determination and resilience have been a source of inspiration for many.


His Death’s Cause

John McCool Family Source: Google Images

Colorectal cancer led to John McCool's death. His prognosis was never good. He also cònessed he ignored symptoms and had no idea of his full family history. His story to fight cancer was spread on social media and many left their words of encouragement. John and Tracy were so grateful for that.



After diving into John McCool’s obituary, we can feel his attitude to fight against his disease. John's journey through life and his battle with illness inspire many to cherish their loved ones and appreciate every moment.

During the tough time, Tracy had been by his side and supported him unconditionally. For her, he is always the captivating presence of her life. Though John’s passing has left a profound void in the hearts of his family and friends, he is in their memory forever. 

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