Who Is Jelly Roll's Wife, Bunnie XO? All You Need To Know

Jelly Roll, the renowned country music sensation, has a steadfast pillar of support behind the scenes—his wife, Bunnie XO. Beyond the stage and studio, the love story of Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO.unfolds into a tale of romance, resilience, and mutual passion. Let's delve into the life of Bunnie XO, the woman who stands beside Jelly Roll through thick and thin.
Love at First Concert
Their story began in 2015 when Bunnie XO attended one of Jelly Roll's concerts at Las Vegas' Country Saloon. Despite being in an abusive relationship at the time, she found solace in Jelly Roll's music and his undeniable charm. The spark ignited, but fate had its own plans.
From Friendship to Romance
A year later, fate intervened, and both Jelly Roll and Bunnie found themselves single. Their friendship quickly blossomed into a romantic connection. Jelly Roll, living in his van and pursuing his musical dreams, found a welcoming haven in Bunnie's genuine warmth.
A White Trash Love Story
In true Vegas style, the couple decided to take the plunge spontaneously. In 2016, after a year of dating, Jelly Roll proposed to Bunnie XO on stage during a Yelawolf and Deftones concert in Las Vegas. With minutes to spare before the courthouse closed, they embraced the impromptu nature of their love and tied the knot.
The Dumb Blonde Podcast
While supporting Jelly Roll's musical endeavors, Bunnie XO pursued her dream of launching a podcast. The Dumb Blonde podcast, initiated in 2019, has since gained a substantial following, touching on diverse topics and featuring guests ranging from country music artists to social media influencers.
Family Ties
Their love story isn't confined to the two of them. Bunnie XO embraced the role of stepmother to Jelly Roll's daughter, Bailee, and son, Noah. In 2017, she played a crucial part in Jelly Roll gaining custody of Bailee, emphasizing the beautiful bond they share.
Renewing Vows and Red Carpets
The couple renewed their vows in 2023 at the Las Vegas chapel where they first got married, marking seven years of love. They made their red carpet debut at the 56th Annual CMA Awards in 2022, a testament to their growing presence in the country music scene.
Beyond the Spotlight
Bunnie XO is not just a supportive presence at Jelly Roll's shows; she's also a vital force behind the scenes. Her YouTube channel, with over 200,000 subscribers, showcases a multifaceted personality that extends beyond the role of a musician's spouse.
Unconditional Support
Jelly Roll acknowledges and celebrates Bunnie XO as his backbone. In an Instagram post, he expressed profound gratitude for her unwavering support during the darkest times of his life. He praises her resilience, calling her his inspiration.
Communication is Key
The couple attributes the success of their marriage to open and honest communication. Jelly Roll emphasizes the importance of addressing difficult topics and finding laughter in the midst of challenges. Their relationship thrives on a foundation of understanding and acceptance.
Bunnie XO isn't just the wife of a music icon; she's a woman of substance, resilience, and creativity in her own right. Together with Jelly Roll, she forms a power couple that transcends the boundaries of conventional celebrity relationships. As their journey unfolds, fans can't help but be captivated by the genuine love that fuels Jelly Roll's music and life.
In the symphony of Jelly Roll's career, Bunnie XO is the harmonious melody that completes the composition.
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