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  2. How Did Jeff Halperin & Kari Lake Meet?
  3. Jeff Halperin's Net Worth
  4. Jeff Halperin's Education
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Unveiling Kari Lake's Husband: The Untold Story of Jeff Halperin

Not only a political force, Kari Lake boldly questions vaccine science, opposes anti-masks, and challenges election results. Amid this, she shares life with Jeff Halperin, a skilled videographer and Zen HD's founder. Starting at a Phoenix TV station, their love story blossomed. With vows exchanged in 1998, they now nurture a family with their two children, Ruby and Leo.

So, who is the man who has stood by Kari Lake's side in her political career? This is every detail about the man behind the ever-fierce Arizona politician. Meet Kari Lake's husband, Jeff Halperin!


Jeff Halperin's Age and Background

Jeff Halperin's Age - kari lake spouse Source: Google Images
Jeff Halperin
Age: (as of 2023)
Date of Birth: 
September 25, 1971
Zodiac Sign: 
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Entrepreneur and ex-photojournalist

Kari Lake’s husband, Jeff Halperin, was born on September 25, 1972. He marks his presence as a 51-year-old in the year 2023. As the digital footprints reveal, Jeff's path intertwined with Kari's in 1994. Both were immersed in the dynamic realm of Phoenix's local TV station. 

His religion is unknown, but it is assumed he also follows the same faith as his wife; Lake, who grew up Catholic. But she has since claimed to be a born-again Evangelical.


How Did Jeff Halperin & Kari Lake Meet?

Jeff Halperin & Kari Lake - kari lake spouse Source: Google Images

Jeff, a skilled videographer, contributed his talents to KPNX-TV1, an NBC affiliate in Phoenix. Kari joined the station as a weekend weather anchor, and their shared aspirations and mutual respect paved the way for a deeper connection. By September 1998, they embraced matrimony, and their enduring bond has spanned more than 25 years, adorned with the laughter and presence of their beloved children.

Kari Lake takes pride in her husband, not hesitating to showcase their joyous moments through social media. A myriad of photos shared on her account immortalize their shared experiences, an embodiment of the love and companionship they hold dear.


Jeff Halperin's Net Worth

Jeff Halperin's Net Worth - jeff halperin kari lake Source: Google Images

While Jeff Halperin's exact net worth remains undisclosed, his trajectory as a videographer spans over two decades. Zen HD, his brainchild, excels in various spheres of video production, encompassing broadcast, corporate, commercial, and documentary projects. Awake Media LLC, registered in 2019, stands as another testament to his dedication. 

Kari Lake, on the other hand, boasts an estimated net worth of $3 million.


Jeff Halperin's Education

Jeff Halperin's Education - kari lake husband jeff halperin Source: Google Images

Jeff Halperin's academic foundation rests on a bachelor's degree in Journalism and History from Creighton University. His graduation in 1994 was embellished by participation in International Laboratory Acceleration Cooperation, adding an international perspective to his education.


Jeff Halperin's Career

Jeff Halperin's Career - who is kari lake's husband? Source: Google Images

Jeff Halperin, a former photojournalist, has carved his path as a visionary at Zen HD. The company, rooted in the essence of comprehensive video production, thrives on converting concepts into captivating visual narratives. With an enduring passion for his craft, Jeff holds a steadfast belief in the potency of video acquisition for diverse platforms.

A bilingual flair in Spanish, combined with an unrelenting drive, enables Jeff to spearhead projects such as the Compassion with Fashion Luncheon and the Annual Pet Telethon, consistently delivering top-tier results. Which tremendously helps strengthening his wife's position in her political arena.


Jeff Halperin's Children

kari lake Jeff Halperin's Children Source: Google Images

Jeff Halperin and Kari Lake, blessed with a daughter, Ruby (born on September 26, 2000), and a son, Leo (born on October 7, 2004), celebrate their Colombian heritage. Jeff's Colombian roots infuse a vibrant cultural connection in their family unit.

Is Kari Lake married? Yes, twice, in fact! Before Jeff, Kari Lake was previously married to Tracy Finnegan, an electrical engineer. Their marriage in 1991 was brief, and they eventually parted ways. However, the specific reason behind their divorce remains undisclosed. They have no known children.


In Retrospect:

In Retrospect: kari lake husband jeff halperin Source: Google Images

Who is Kari Lake married to? The most wonderful man in her life: Jeff Halperin. One that appreciates and loves her fierce nature, unlike Tracy Finnegan, Kari Lake’s husband from her first marriage.

In summation, Jeff Halperin is more than a videographer and business owner; he's the cherished partner of Kari Lake, an individual whose impact stretches beyond the lenses of his camera. With over two decades of shared journeys and the heartwarming presence of their children, their story is one marked by unity, love, and mutual respect.

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