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  1. #1. A Musical Twist on a Classic: "Fairy Tale of Philadelphia
  2. #2. Brotherly Banter: Travis Kelce's Musical Prowess
  3. #3. A Philly Special Christmas Special: Spreading Cheer And Making A Difference
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Sibling Rivalry: Jason Kelce Jokes Travis Is the ‘Better’ Singer, Reveals Their Christmas Hit They Made

The holiday season is about to get a whole lot more melodious, thanks to a heartwarming musical collaboration between two football stars, Jason Kelce and his brother Travis Kelce.
In an episode of their "New Heights" podcast, Jason, a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, shared some exciting news about their involvement in the team's annual holiday album. The camaraderie between these NFL brothers shines as they come together to make Christmas even more special.

#1. A Musical Twist on a Classic: "Fairy Tale of Philadelphia

Jason Kelce Jokes Travis Source: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
Jason Kelce's revelation about their musical venture is a delightful surprise for fans. They have taken the iconic "Fairy Tale of New York" by The Pogues and given it a fresh twist, resulting in the charming "Fairy Tale of Philadelphia."
This reimagined holiday classic promises to infuse the spirit of the City of Brotherly Love into every listener's heart. The Kelce brothers' creativity and dedication to this project have fans eagerly anticipating the track's release, making it a standout on the upcoming holiday album.

#2. Brotherly Banter: Travis Kelce's Musical Prowess

Brotherly Banter: Travis Kelce's Musical Prowess Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images
In the "New Heights" podcast, Jason affectionately acknowledged Travis's unexpected musical talents, playfully mentioning that Travis is "better than me at everything, including singing." The revelation that Travis has a "raspy voice" on the track adds an intriguing layer to their musical collaboration.
This banter showcases the deep bond shared by the Kelce brothers, both on and off the football field. Their playful dynamic and mutual support further enhance the anticipation surrounding their musical venture.

#3. A Philly Special Christmas Special: Spreading Cheer And Making A Difference

A Philly Special Christmas Special: Spreading Cheer and Making a Difference Source: TRAVIS KELCE INSTAGRAM
The Philadelphia Eagles' holiday album is not just a platform for musical creativity; it also serves a higher purpose by contributing to the local community. In its debut season, the album successfully raised over $1.25 million for local nonprofit organizations.
With the upcoming sophomore album, "A Philly Special Christmas Special," fans can expect a delightful array of fresh interpretations of classic holiday tunes, including special duets with renowned artists like Patti LaBelle, Amos Lee, and members of The Hooters, Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman. This collaboration showcases the power of music and community in addressing real-world needs while spreading the joy of the holiday season.


Travis Kelce Source: TIM NWACHUKWU/GETTY
As the holiday season approaches, the Kelce brothers are not only spreading musical cheer but also making a meaningful impact in the local community. Their collaboration promises to bring a unique and heartwarming touch to the Philadelphia Eagles' holiday album. Beyond the music, this project embodies the essence of family, community, and celebration.
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