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Jacklyn Zeman Spouse Insights: What Did Her Trio of Marriages Appear Like?

Jacklyn Zeman's spouse stories offer a glimpse into the personal journey of this beloved actress in the Entertainment world. The General Hospital star, who died at age 70, had experienced three marriages throughout her life.

Each union has its own story, challenges, and growth. From her enduring bond with Glenn Gorden to the twists and turns of her other marriages, the marriages shaped her life.


Facts On Jacklyn Zeman’s Ex-Husbands

Jacklyn Zeman marriages Source: Google Images

Jacklyn Zeman, a popular soap opera star, got married three times. Her ex-husbands are Murray Kaufman, Steve Gribbin, and Glenn Gorden. 


Who Is Murray The K?

Her first husband was Murray Kaufman, known as Murray The K. He was a DJ of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s and influenced rock-and-roll for many people. During the early days of Beatlemania, he was even regarded as the fifth Beatles.

Murray The K and Jacklyn got married in 1979 but their marriage lasted just 2 years. Sadly, in 1982, he died of cancer at the age of 60.

Who Is Steve Gribbin?

There is much information about Jacklyn’s second marriage. All you know is that she tied the knot to Steve Gribbin in 1986. That was her shortest marriage, lasting one year. Details on their relationship and married life were kept secret.

Who Is Glenn Gorden?

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2 years after the second marriage, Jacklyn wedded to Glenn Gorden and their marriage took place on Valentine’s Day of 1988. Glenn stayed away from the limelight and appeared alongside Jacklyn in several events like the 2004 Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards event. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2007 after 19 years of living together.


Meet Jacklyn Zeman’s Children

Jacklyn Zeman Children Source: Google Images

Jacklyn Zeman had two daughters from the marriage with Gorden. She gave birth to their first child, Cassidy Zee Gorden, on 16 September 1990. Two years later on 15 July 1995, the duo welcomed their second one, Lacey Rose Gorden.

The Gorden sisters have grown up in good condition and now they have their own family.  Cassidy Zee got married to Cutter MacLeod and in 2020, they had their first child. Jacklyn Zeman officially became a grandmother. 



After unveiling Jacklyn Zeman's spouse stories, we have a glimpse into her married life. While she went through three marriages, all of which ended in divorce, there were undoubtedly memorable moments in her life.

It is said that it doesn't matter how a marriage ends, what matters is that you are loved wholeheartedly. Jacklyn Zeman's light may have dimmed, but it still shines in the hearts of those who love her.

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