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  1. #1. Jack Harlow Dua Lipa Response: ”Liked each other's vibe"

Jack Harlow, Dua Lipa Response: ”Liked each other's vibe"

Searching for Jack Harlow Dua Lipa response about their relationship? Here we go! It has been rumored that Dua Lipa is in a relationship with Jack Harlow; this would be her first serious romance since her breakup with Anwar Hadid a year ago. The hit-making pop artist and the rapper are reportedly "talking," as reported by Us Weekly.
According to a source who spoke to the media outlet, "They like each other and are both interested to see where things go next." The source also mentioned that the pair met for the first time in person at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch that was hosted in Los Angeles earlier this month. After then, the two people continued to communicate with one another because they "loved like other's vibe."

#1. Jack Harlow Dua Lipa Response: ”Liked each other's vibe"

Jack Harlow Dua Lipa Response Source: Getty Images
Before ever having the opportunity to meet Lipa, Harlow appears to have decided to "shoot his shot" by naming a tune on his most recent album after her. One of the most well-known lines in the song's lyrics goes as follows: "Dua Lipa, I'm tryna do more with her than just a feature."
"They had FaceTimed before when Jack asked Dua permission for his song about her, but that was an awkward call for everyone," the insider said of Lipa's initial answer to the question. "They had FaceTimed again when Jack requested Dua's permission for his song about her."
After dating for two years, Dua and Anwar, the younger brother of supermodel Gigi and Bella Hadid, broke up in December 2021. Dua and Anwar had been together for two years. A source close to the couple told People at the time that "Dua and Anwar are now taking a break from their romance and are spending time apart." They are now working out the details of the situation.

Their Previous Relationships

Jack Harlow Dua Lipa Response
Since his relationship with Hadid ended, the Grammy winner has not been legitimately linked to anybody else—that is, until now. Lipa shared with Vogue that she envisioned the subsequent era of her life as being "about actually being good with being alone."
At one point, it was speculated that the British-Albanian singer was romantically involved with the comedian and ex-host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah. Photos published in the Daily Mail depicted Noah and Lipa eating dinner together before giving each other a hug and a kiss on the street outside the restaurant as they said their goodbyes. However, as time passed, the rumors were proven false. Noah and Lipa's relationship remains that of simple friends.
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