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  1. Facts About Isauro Aguirre
  2. Is Isauro Aguirre Still Alive Or Dead?
  3. Where Is Isauro Aguirre Now?
  4. When Did Isauro Aguirre Face Execution?
  5. What Happened To Isauro Aguirre And Perla Fernandez?
  6. Conclusion

Isauro Aguirre & Mysterious Questions: What Happened To Him? Is He Still Alive?

Isauro Aguirre committed the heinous crime of claiming the life of an 8-year-old boy named Gabriel which shook the world. Film producers even made the crime docuseries “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez”, telling the story surrounding the events that led to the tragedy. 

This case also has an involvement with Gabriel's mother, Pearl Fernandez. Before being murdered, he was beaten and had to endure brutal torture at their hands. 

We all know Fernandez was sentenced to life in prison without parole for her crime. But what about Isauro Aguirre? What happened to him? Is he still alive? Join us to discover!


Facts About Isauro Aguirre

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Isauro Aguirre, known as Tony, was born on June 13, 1980. As of 2023, he is 43 years old. Aguirre dropped out of school and then worked as caregiver and a driver for Woodland Park Retirement Hotel. According to the director of the retirement home, Aguirre is a kind, quiet person and never hesitates to help others. Because of his personality, people called him “Shaggy”,  a term of endearment. 

Sherline Mille, an ex-coworker of Aguirre says that he is a dedicated worker, driving residents on the roads so that they could see stunning sceneries. 

For those, everyone was deeply shocked to know that Aguirre along with his girlfriend, Pearl Fernandez murdered Gabriel. They considered Pearl turned Aguirre into a living monster. 

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Gabriel Fernandez was born on Feb 20, 2005, and raised by his relatives. In 2021, his mom, Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre, were given back custody of him, even though the family had voiced worries about his well-being.

The little boy Gabriel suffered abuse and torture over a period of months. People around noticed signs of abuse and reported it to the L.A. police department, but it didn't help the boy get out of the household. 

On the day Gabriel was killed, Aguirre and Pearl brutally beat him just because he didn't pick up his toys. After his death, Aguirre and Pearl were ultimately found guilty of first-degree murder, with the other special circumstances of torture.


Is Isauro Aguirre Still Alive Or Dead?

Aguirre is now alive.


Where Is Isauro Aguirre Now?

He is jailed at a prison in San Diego, Southern California.


When Did Isauro Aguirre Face Execution?

Aguirre was sentenced to death by Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli on June 13, 2018. Until now, he has not been executed due to the moratorium on capital punishment imposed by California Governor Gavin Newsom.


What Happened To Isauro Aguirre And Perla Fernandez?

Aguirre and Perla are responsible for their actions leading to the death of Gabriel. 

Aguirre denied his guilt but that didn’t help him escape the legal consequences. Some prosecutors stated that he consistently abused Gabriel because he believed the boy was gay.

The jury suggested that Isauro Aguirre should be sentenced to death and the recommendation was gotten the nod of Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli. He was in San Quentin State Prison while awaiting execution. In 2021, he was moved to the California state prison - Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, located in San Diego.


Fernandez admitted her crime on June 21, 2018. She is incarcerated at the Central California Women's Facility, serving a life sentence without the chance of parole for first-degree murder, including special circumstances of torture. How could a mother kill her child?

In fact, she was diagnosed with some mental health issues: a depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, a possible personality disorder, and developmental disability. Deborah S. Miora, a clinical psychologist, claimed that Perla was unable to use thoughts to control her behavior and emotional reactions.  



Isauro Aguirre and his girlfriend are suffering well-deserved punishment for what they've done. The murder case sent shockwaves around the world. They sympathize with the unfortunate life of the little boy who endured eight months of brutal abuse and also hope that the murderers receive the highest possible sentence.

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