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  1. #1. Is Willow Leaving General Hospital?
  2. #2. What Happened To Willow?

Is Willow Leaving General Hospital? What Happened To Willow?

Is Willow leaving General Hospital? The General Hospital character Willow Tait has only been around for a short period. Still, she has experienced a lot of drama in Port Charles, including love, loss, and secrets. If you're curious about the stunning teen, your search is over. Since her debut in October 2018, Katelyn MacMullen has filled the role.
Aiden's teacher, Willow, was introduced; she, Liz, and Franco had a private conference to discuss Aiden's reclusive behavior and friendship issues at school. At the end of the month, Sarah and Michael Corinthos saw each other again when they bumped into one other in the hospital parking lot on their way to a bereavement group meeting.

#1. Is Willow Leaving General Hospital?

Is Willow Leaving General Hospital Source: General Hospital
The truth about Willow being the child's biological mother eventually came out. Julian persuaded her to stay out of Brad and Lucas's lives as they raised their adoptive son, Wiley. As Willow grew closer to Wiley and felt a draw towards the tiny boy, she had no idea that he wasn't her son because the baby Willow had given birth to had died in his crib, and Brad had agreed to switch babies with Nelle Benson. Then it was revealed that Willow's baby's father was the Dawn of Day cult leader Shiloh. Harmony, her mother, pleaded with her daughter to rejoin the gang, but Willow had no interest in doing so.
The moment Shiloh found out Wiley was his son, he set out to kidnap him, but luckily Willow's new lover, Harrison Chase, was a police officer and came to her aid. Willow was taken aback when her mother, freed from prison after Shiloh's death, showed up unexpectedly at her door. Willow believed Harmony when she said she was changing her ways, but she worked for the infamous drug runner Cyrus Renault the whole time!
After spending so much time with Wiley, Willow was devastated to learn that the baby she had given birth to had died more than a year before the revelation of the baby switch. Willow stayed involved in Wiley's life after Michael took over raising him. When Nelle got out of jail and demanded custody, she offered to do anything she could to assist Michael in keeping custody. Willow turned down Sasha Gilmore's proposal that they are married so Michael may convince the judge to let him retain Wiley by starting a family.

#2. What Happened To Willow?

Is Willow Leaving General Hospital Is Willow Leaving General Hospital?
Willow and Michael got married to defeat Nelle in court after she discovered that she and Michael's ex-girlfriend, Sasha, had posed as an item. However, they became so close over time that sentiments remained even after they discovered the truth about the deceit that brought them together in the first place. So, even though Willow was reconnecting with Chase and living in the gatehouse, she was still a significant part of Michael's life.
But just as Michael and Willow were about to make their reconciliation public, the police officer became gravely ill and was hospitalized, putting a damper on Willow's plans to end things with Chase. Chase, fearing death from Peter's poison, proposed, and an unwitting Willow accepted. Chase, however, was cured after the wedding while Willow was stuck. They had an affair in secret, but Chase discovered them while they were in bed together. Since Willow had been honest all along, they decided to get an annulment once she had apologized and revealed the truth.
Now that Michael and Nina Reeves had settled their differences, Willow could spend more time with them and help raise Wiley without worrying about Michael's whereabouts. When he proposed, she told him she wasn't ready to take the plunge. Unfortunately, Willow overheard Sonny and Nina talking about their past love for one another and later testified about it in Nina's court case. Later, it was Michael's turn to harbor resentment at Willow.

Is Willow Leaving General Hospital?

Is Willow Leaving General Hospital
When Willow couldn't locate her birth certificate to apply for a passport to accompany Michael on a trip, things turned for the worst. Harmony's suspicious behavior stemmed from her confession to Alexis Davis that Willow's biological mother, Joan, also resided in the commune, so there was no birth certificate. She and Douglas were responsible for raising Willow, and Douglas even went so far as to have the child's birth certificate faked. When Michael dug deeper, Willow was quite aback to realize that her birth had never been registered.
Willow was devastated by the ongoing conflict with Nina about Wiley's visitation, but when her mother was hit by Sasha's car and laid in critical condition, Willow's heart sank. Even worse, Harmony told Carly that Willow wasn't her kid before she passed away, but she promised Carly secrecy about who Willow's real mother was. As she grieved for the lady, she had come to believe her mother, Willow, decided to get a DNA test, which revealed that she and Harmony were not connected.
After learning she had leukemia, Willow hid her diagnosis out of fear that Michael would make her undergo treatment. She planned to hold off until the kid was more developed, but she was already in stage four. The constant sightings of Willow and TJ together, and Nina's hasty judgments about their relationship, only served to heighten the tension between Willow and Nina. As soon as Michael heard the news, he tracked Willow and TJ at the hospital, where she gave him the devastating news. Despite his full backing, he grudgingly consented to keep the matter hidden from others.
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