Is Tiny Beautiful Things Based On A Book? Comprehensive Information

Is tiny beautiful things based on a book? If you're a fan of Kathryn Hahn's work, Hulu’s Tiny Beautiful Things is a must-watch. Hahn plays Clare, a writer who runs an anonymous advice column that draws from her own troubled past to offer guidance to others. The show, produced by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, is based on Cheryl Strayed’s nonfiction book of the same name.
Unlike Witherspoon’s previous projects, which were adaptations of novels, Tiny Beautiful Things is a true story. The series explores themes of grief and self-discovery, while also offering a good balance of humor and heartwarming moments. So, if you're looking for an inspiring and relatable story, this show is definitely worth checking out.

#1. Is Tiny Beautiful Things Based On A Book?

Tiny Beautiful Things is a series based on the book of the same name by Cheryl Strayed. Strayed is a well-known writer, most famous for her memoir Wild, which was turned into a movie in 2014. In Tiny Beautiful Things, Strayed shares her advice columns, which she wrote for The Rumpus under the pseudonym "Sugar". In the series, Kathryn Hahn plays the role of Clare, who takes on the same anonymous advice column despite her own personal issues. The show, produced by Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine and executive produced by Laura Dern, explores Clare's life and her relationship with her husband and daughter.
Strayed always intended to expose Sugar's identity, and she did so months before publishing Tiny Beautiful Things as a book in 2012. Though Dear Sugar was written by a friend of Strayed's, Strayed took over after submitting the first draft of Wild to her editor. Sugar always tells people to trust their gut, so Strayed decided to take her advice and give advice to others. In the series, we see Clare draw on her own experiences to give advice to her readers and navigate her own life's challenges.
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Overall, Tiny Beautiful Things is a heartwarming and relatable show that balances raw themes such as grief and self-destruction with humor and heartwarming moments. With outstanding performances by Hahn and Pidgeon, it's a show that will resonate with viewers of all ages.


The "Dear Sugar" column was a significant part of the Tiny Beautiful Things book and series, as it was based on Strayed's experience writing it for The Rumpus. Strayed wrote essays that used examples from her own life, and this became the inspiration for the show's protagonist, Clare. The popularity of the column led to the publication of Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of Strayed's most popular posts, and she now hosts a podcast with Steve Almond called Dear Sugars.


The protagonist of the series, Clare, faces financial difficulties while pursuing her career as a writer. Cheryl Strayed, the writer who inspired the series, also had financial problems before her book Wild became successful. Strayed was $85,000 in debt and almost lost her home. Despite selling Wild, Strayed's life did not change much except for getting out of credit card debt. However, Strayed acknowledges that getting out of debt was a significant relief for her.
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While the TV adaptation of Tiny Beautiful Things differs from the book and Strayed's life in some ways, such as Clare being a mom to a teenager instead of Strayed's own young kids, Strayed is still thrilled to see her work on screen. She expressed her gratitude for working with producer Reese Witherspoon again, who she considers one of her dearest friends, praising her generosity and compassion. Strayed said she was amazed and happy to see Tiny Beautiful Things brought to TV and is excited to see how it will be received.
Tiny Beautiful Things, which was available on Hulu on April 7, 2023, will allow you to catch up and watch every moment of Strayed's almost-life. If you found this article interesting, don’t hesitate to visit our website,, to get access to a wide range of creative and TV/Movie news.
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