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  1. #1. Is Three Pines A Real Place?

Is Three Pines A Real Place? Comprehensive Answer

Is Three Pines a real place? The much-loved Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is making his big-screen debut in the brand-new Prime Video series Three Pines, adapted from the novels Louise Penny wrote and which have won multiple accolades. The series stars Alfred Molina as Gamache and follows the head inspector of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) as he investigates a brutal murder in the little community of Three Pines in the Eastern Townships.
Soon after, further weird occurrences occur in the supposedly tranquil hamlet, prompting Gamache to investigate the secrets of the community and his troubled past. In the first season, which consists of eight episodes, each of the four mysteries is broken down into two parts. Gamache is the protagonist of a brand-new storyline that spans a whole season and is unique to the series.
In this plot, Gamache investigates the disappearance of a young indigenous woman from a Mohawk hamlet that is located nearby. Warning: this chapter is the most compelling in an otherwise compelling series.

#1. Is Three Pines A Real Place?

Is Three Pines A Real Place, where is three pines filmed, is three pines a real place Source: Three Pines
While the primary storyline of the show is faithful to the book from which it was adapted, the television version also includes a subplot that focuses on Indigenous women and girls who have gone missing or been murdered. The show's first scene features a demonstration in Montreal against the inaction and indifference of the police toward the MMIWG2S situation. Gamache watches the demonstration as it unfolds.
The inspector is made aware of one situation in particular: the disappearance of Blue Two-Rivers, a Mohawk lady whose family is involved in the protest. After taking the Two-Rivers family home from the demonstration and learning more about their narrative, Gamache eventually assures them that he will solve the issue even though other authorities have disregarded their worries.


Is Three Pines A Real Place, where is three pines filmed, is three pines a real place
The otherwise basic narratives are given a more complex flavor by adding this supplementary plotline, which takes up the same amount of space as Penny's original stories. The first two episodes are based on Penny's second book, A Fatal Grace, and they follow Gamache and his team as they investigate the death of a local socialite named CC de Poitiers. These episodes were adapted from the book.
How the SQ deals with the instances of de Poitiers and Two-Rivers couldn't be more different from one another. Even though de Poiters is reviled in the community, she is a well-off white woman whose death has galvanized the authorities in the province. In contrast, Two-Rivers' disappearance continues to be brushed under the rug.

The Atmosphere Around

Is Three Pines A Real Place, where is three pines filmed, is three pines a real place Is Three Pines A Real Place?
Although the Eastern Townships community known as Three Pines, in which the series' events take place, is entirely made up, Penny drew inspiration for the settlement from Knowlton, Quebec, located approximately 100 kilometers east of Montreal.
The fictitious town has all the makings of a fantastic setting for a mystery book: a cast of eccentric locals who play essential roles in the plot, well-known local businesses that play an important role in the plot, and community gatherings that provide the ideal backdrop for inciting incidents (in the first episode, de Poitiers is murdered at a Boxing Day curling match).
Similarly, Three Pines does not shy away from the more sinister features of the environment in which it is set. Gamache and his team solve a murder in a former residential school in the town between the third and fourth episodes of the series. The legacy of the residential school system is another important plot topic explored throughout the series.
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