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  1. #1. Is The New Pinocchio Movie Woke?

Is The New Pinocchio Movie Woke? Comprehensive Answer

Is the new Pinocchio movie woke? Here we go! This new live-action PINOCCHIO is nicely made and fun to watch on Disney Plus, featuring a particularly good turn from Tom Hanks as Geppetto, the puppeteer. The plot and characters aren't quite as engaging as they were in the original animated film, which was a shame.
To appeal to woke, post-modern, politically correct, transgender sensibilities, the new PINOCCHIO watered down the tale and removed the film's redemptive ending. Nonetheless, it emphasizes telling the truth, being courageous, caring about others, putting others before yourself, and acting in a selfless manner. False messages encouraging magical thinking and notions about Fate are inserted into Disney's PINOCCHIO adaptations.

#1. Is The New Pinocchio Movie Woke?

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Like the animated version, the live-action adaptation begins with Jiminy Cricket recounting the plot. There was a time when Jiminy Cricket was a homeless wanderer who had to roam from house to house in search of a place to stay.
He lands in a sleepy Italian town one chilly evening. Geppetto, a local widowed clockmaker, is the only person around, and his shop is the only place with any illumination. Inside, the fire feels cozy and comforting. Thus, Jiminy Cricket sneaks under the door and discovers Geppetto completing a wooden boy puppet. A portrait of Geppetto's late son is a perfect fit for the puppet. Before turning in for the night, Geppetto opens his bedroom window and looks up at the wishing star. He sends up a star wish for Pinocchio to transform into a real boy.
The Blue Fairy flies into the home and begins singing "When You Wish Upon a Star" after Geppetto, Figaro, and Cleo have all gone to sleep. After that, she waves her wand and Pinocchio becomes a real, breathing puppet who can converse. She tells Pinocchio that if he is honest, brave, and selfless, he will be transformed into a real boy, and she assigns Jiminy Cricket to be his conscience.

Comprehensive Information About Pinocchio 2022

Is The New Pinocchio Movie Woke, is the new pinocchio movie woke, pinocchio woke, pinocchio 2022 woke, pinocchio woke, pinocchio 2022 woke
Honest John, a cunning red fox, distracts Pinocchio from his school trip. While Pinocchio's father wanted him to attend school, Honest John persuaded him to pursue a career in acting instead. Everything that could go wrong for Pinocchio does. Meanwhile, Geppetto starts seeking him.
Disney’s original animated comedic fantasy, PINOCCHIO, incorporates wishful thinking and mentions Fate guiding one’s life and wishing upon a star. The film's encouraging themes of doing the right thing, knowing the difference between right and wrong, love, honesty, bravery, and selflessness save the day here. The movie's redemptive climax, which features death, resurrection, reward, and transformation themes, also save the day.
Those scenes where the protagonists lament Fate and wish upon a star are included in this live-action adaptation. It also emphasizes being truthful, honest, bold, caring, selfless, and doing the right thing. The story's uplifting conclusion is diminished, though. Sadly, because of this, Disney’s live-action PINOCCHIO has no narrative of death, resurrection, and reward, albeit it does have a concept of metamorphosis. Unfortunately, this version of the metamorphosis isn't quite as strong as the one at the end of the original film.


Is The New Pinocchio Movie Woke, is the new pinocchio movie woke, pinocchio woke, pinocchio 2022 woke, pinocchio woke, pinocchio 2022 woke
However, the live-action adaptation of "PINOCCHIO" is well-made and enjoyable. There is hilarity, excitement, and potential danger. However, the tale and plot themselves lack the original animated movie's charm, details, humor, and power. Take the comedy, for instance; the original's masterfully cut flashes of laughter stand in stark contrast to the remake's initial half-hour of detail. The songs in the reimagining also sound artificial and less engaging than the originals. Finally, the remake has a needless, disgusting joke about horse dung.
Incorporating awakened, post-modern, politically correct, dishonest, leftist, transgender, and broken promise attitudes into the original story, this PINOCCHIO ultimately cheapens the tale. The Blue Fairy, for instance, backs out of her pledge to transform Pinocchio into a real boy. The conclusion also strongly implies that a youngster can declare themselves to be real boy, regardless of the evidence to the contrary. This PINOCCHIO wastes time because it doesn't feature a genuine death, resurrection, or change.
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