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  1. Why Are People Asking If Sandra Smith Is Pregnant?
  2. How Many Kids Does Sandra Smith Have?
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Is Sandra Smith Pregnant Now? Where Is Sandra Smith?

Sandra Smith's absence from 'America Reports' and reduced social media presence fueled the question: Is she pregnant? No, Sandra Smith is not currently pregnant. The latest news confirms that she gave birth to her second child, a boy, on October 31, 2023.

Sandra Smith, the co-anchor of Fox News' 'America Reports,' has sparked curiosity among viewers due to her occasional absences from the show. While some speculated about a potential pregnancy, the reasons for her absence are often routine, involving other professional commitments or personal time off.


Key Takeaways

  • Sandra Smith isn't pregnant now; she just had her second kid in October 2023. People wondered if she was pregnant because she wasn't much on 'America Reports' and social media.
  • Juggling Fox News and family, Sandra's nailed being a top journalist and a mom, showing she's all in at work and home.
  • From business studies at LSU to making it big in journalism, Sandra's got a knack for breaking down tough finance topics for everyone.

Why Are People Asking If Sandra Smith Is Pregnant?

The question around Sandra Smith's pregnancy can be attributed to her clearly not being around 'America Reports,' not much going on in her social media, and past happenings. In the past, Smith announced her pregnancy during a show, which might lead viewers to associate her absences with another potential pregnancy.

Sandra Smith has been active in various roles at Fox News and is not currently pregnant. Her absence from the show is often due to her filling in on other Fox News programs or taking well-deserved personal time.


How Many Kids Does Sandra Smith Have?

Is Sandra Smith Pregnant Now Source: Getty Images
Sandra Smith and her husband, John Connelly, are proud parents to their daughter, Cora Belle Connelly, and their recently born son. The couple welcomed their second child in October 2023, a delightful addition to their family. Balancing a big-time job with family life, Sandra Smith shows commitment and resilience.

Sandra Smith at FOX News

Sandra Smith's varied career at Fox News has been impressive. Joining Fox News in October 2007 as a reporter, she has since taken on various roles, showcasing her versatility and depth as a journalist. Her career highlights include moderating the first big Republican debate in 2015 and providing live coverage of big happenings like the royal wedding in 2018.

Today, Sandra co-anchors "America Reports" alongside John Roberts. This role has her covering breaking news and deep talks on current events, including extra weekend reports on significant developments like the Russian-Ukraine war. Sandra Smith's contributions to Fox News go beyond being on TV. 


More About Sandra Smith

Born on September 22, 1980, in Wheaton, Illinois, Sandra Smith's journey from the Midwest to the national news stage is a story of determination and hard work. She completed her schooling at Wheaton Warrenville South High School and then pursued higher education at Louisiana State University (LSU), graduating with a degree in business. Sandra's career started in the financial sector. She initially worked at Aegis Capital Group, analyzing retail stocks and identifying investment opportunities.

This experience in the financial world gave her a strong start for her future endeavors. Sandra's entry into journalism got noticed with her stint at Bloomberg Television, where she reported on derivatives and equity markets. Her ability to make complex financial topics easy to understand for the general audience led to her joining Fox Business Network in 2007.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Sandra Smith's net worth is estimated arounf $5 million.

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