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  1. Is Ria Atayde Pregnant?
  2. Who is Her Boyfriend? Meet Zanjoe Marudo
  3. Are Ria Atayde and Zanjoe Marudo Engaged?

Is Ria Atayde Pregnant in 2024? Is She Married?

Is Ria Atayde pregnant? The talk about Ria Atayde's possible pregnancy has been big news among fans and followers. Despite the rumors spreading throughout 2023, the latest information confirms Ria Atayde is not expecting. These rumors started when she was seen publicly with Zanjoe Marudo, making people guess about their relationship. However, this has been cleared up as there is no official confirmation or evidence of her pregnancy.

Key Takeaways

  • Ria Atayde isn't pregnant, despite lots of rumors sparked by her outings with Zanjoe Marudo.
  • Ria and Zanjoe got engaged in February 2024, moving from buddies to future spouses.
  • Their love story, packed with support and family values, has fans cheering for their next chapter together.

Ria Atayde, a well-known Filipino actress famous for her roles in "Ningning" and "The Hows of Us," has won over many with her talent and advocacy for body positivity. The daughter of veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez and businessman Art Atayde, Ria has made her mark in the Entertainment world, staying active both on and off-screen. Big news in her personal life, Ria Atayde announced her engagement to Zanjoe Marudo on February 20, sharing their plans to get married. This came after dating for a while, where the couple moved from friendship to love, supported by their families and fans.


Is Ria Atayde Pregnant?

Amidst lots of guessing and rumors, the straightforward answer is no, Ria Atayde is not pregnant as per the latest information up to 2024. Despite the ongoing rumors since 2023, neither Ria nor her partner, Zanjoe Marudo, have confirmed any news about expecting a baby.

It's typical for public figures like Ria to be in the middle of all this guessing, but until there's an official announcement, it's important to treat these rumors with skepticism. Ria Atayde's career in entertainment is known for her significant roles in TV and Movies, establishing her as a leading figure in Filipino media.

Her work for body positivity and diversity in beauty standards, along with her vibrant acting career, shows her impact beyond just her on-screen roles. The rumors about her pregnancy underline the intense interest in her personal life, especially her relationship with Zanjoe Marudo.


Who is Her Boyfriend? Meet Zanjoe Marudo

Zanjoe Marudo, known for his strong impact in the Philippine entertainment scene, is not just an actor but a man with a deep personal side. From reality TV to respected actor roles, his wide range and hard work are evident. He's known for being humble and shares similar life principles with Ria Atayde. Their relationship, based on respect and shared values, has helped them handle their public life smoothly.

Their engagement in February 2024 isn't just about their commitment but also about bringing together two families with similar ideals. Their story, from friends to fiancés, is a celebration of love, friendship, and family support.


Are Ria Atayde and Zanjoe Marudo Engaged?

Yes, Ria Atayde and Zanjoe Marudo are engaged as of February 2024. Their engagement is celebrated by their circle, showing the beauty of their relationship evolving from friendship to something deeper. Their choice to go public with their engagement reflects their ease with sharing their happiness.

As they move forward in their careers and personal lives, their engagement shines as a beacon of love and partnership, illustrating the journey from being friends to becoming fiancés, a narrative many find inspiring.

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