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  1. Is Pretty Deadly WWE Gay?
  2. Who Is Pretty Deadly Currently Dating?

Is Pretty Deadly WWE Gay? Are The Tag Team's Members In A Relationship?

Many fans of the dynamic WWE NXT tag team Pretty Deadly are wondering, "Is Pretty Deadly WWE Gay?" and if Elton Prince and Kit Wilson are involved in a romantic relationship. To answer this, they are not gay and are not in a relationship with each other. Rather, they share a strong friendship and teamwork in wrestling.

Key Takeaways

  • Pretty Deadly, a WWE NXT tag team comprising Elton Prince and Kit Wilson, are not gay and are not in a romantic relationship, despite what fans think.
  • Their bond began online in 2015, driven by mutual interests, and evolved into a wrestling team highlighted by big wins, including NXT UK Tag Team Championships.
  • Both members are in straight relationships: Elton Prince with Kelly Kincaid from Progress Wrestling, and Kit Wilson engaged to fellow wrestler Stevie Turner from WWE’s NXT UK.

Is Pretty Deadly WWE Gay?

Is Pretty Deadly WWE Gay Source: WWE
No, the members of Pretty Deadly in WWE are not gay. Elton Prince and Kit Wilson, the British wrestlers behind the tag team, are just friends and colleagues. Their bond began online in 2015, stemming from their shared interests in music, movies, and wrestling. This online friendship led to a real-life meeting, eventually solidifying their decision to team up in the ring. Their synergy was instant and clear, setting the stage for their eventual success as a tag team.
Their serious rise to fame began with their NXT UK debut in 2019, followed by a series of great shows. 2021 was a big achievement for Pretty Deadly as they claimed their first NXT UK Tag Team Championship. Their success didn’t stop there; they moved to NXT 2.0 in 2022 and quickly made a name for themselves by challenging established teams and winning championships.
Despite their flashy style and close relationship, which starts gossip, both Prince and Wilson have openly stated their personal lives. They have openly stated their straight relationships, with Prince dating Kelly Kincaid, a wrestler with Progress Wrestling, and Wilson engaged to Stevie Turner, a fellow professional wrestler in WWE’s NXT UK brand.

Who Is Pretty Deadly Currently Dating?

Pretty Deadly Currently Dating Source: WWE

Pretty Deadly Elton Prince's Relationship

Elton Prince, the charming part of Pretty Deadly, is currently in a relationship with Kelly Kincaid. Kincaid is known for her association with Progress Wrestling and has a big role in the professional wrestling world. Their relationship is a clear indication of Prince's life beyond wrestling.

Pretty Deadly Kit Wilson's Relationship

Kit Wilson, the other half of Pretty Deadly, is engaged to Stevie Turner. Turner, a professional wrestler within WWE’s NXT UK brand, has been an important person in Wilson's life. Their engagement, shared on social media, has been a topic of interest for fans, offering a peek into Wilson's private life away from the WWE spotlight.
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