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  1. Where is Olivia Now? Did Olivia Leave Smosh?
  2. What the Reddit Community Says About Olivia’s Absence

Is Olivia Sui Still in Smosh? Where is Olivia Now?

Olivia Sui's current status with Smosh has been a lot of guessing among fans, especially following her not showing up much in recent Smosh content. Based on information gathered from various sources, including fan discussions and comments on platforms like Reddit, the answer is unclear.

Key Takeaways

  • Olivia is part of Smosh but not full-time; she pops in as a freelancer, which explains why we don't see her as much.
  • Smosh's new direction and Olivia's gigs in Movies and other projects mean she's around less.
  • Reddit fans get why Olivia isn't always in Smosh videos, noting her hustle in various roles outside Smosh.

Where is Olivia Now? Did Olivia Leave Smosh?

Is Olivia Still in Smosh Source: Smosh

As of now, there's still no clear answer on whether Olivia still on Smosh or not. The last time we saw her is like a year ago.

Olivia Sui is not a full-time member of the Smosh crew. She operates on a freelance basis, meaning her appearances are sporadic and based on the project's requirements. This freelance status explains why fans have noticed her absence in certain periods, as she is not regularly present at Smosh.

Additionally, Reddit discussions highlight that Smosh's content focus has shifted. With the main channel now featuring Ian and Anthony sketches more prominently, and Olivia not being a regular on the Games channel, her participation is mostly limited to occasional appearances on the Smosh Pit and the podcast. Olivia's current engagements extend beyond Smosh.

Fans and Reddit users have spotted her in various projects outside of Smosh, indicating that she is chasing other gigs in her career. This includes appearances in movies and possibly other independent projects.


What the Reddit Community Says About Olivia’s Absence

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Many Reddit users have noted that Olivia's absence might not be as significant as it seems. Some fans pointed out that due to the nature of Smosh's filming schedule and Olivia’s freelance status, it's normal for her to miss certain filming weeks. This situation often leads to a lot of guessing among fans who may not be fully aware of the behind-the-scenes dynamics.

Several comments highlighted Olivia's involvement in other projects. Users shared sightings of her in different roles, such as in movies, indicating that she has been chasing other gigs outside of Smosh. This aligns with the freelance nature of her association with Smosh, giving her the flexibility to engage in various projects.

The community's response to Olivia's not showing up much is mixed. While some express disappointment and curiosity, others understand the nature of her freelance status and the changes in Smosh's content strategy. There’s a general sentiment of support for her pursuing diverse opportunities. In their own words, Reddit users have shared thoughts like:

“She's freelance so she's not actively there at Smosh and is only brought in from time to time.”

“It’s entirely possible she booked something as well, I always run into her in the most random movies.”

“People don’t see someone for a week and they start a rumor they left.”

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