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  1. #1. Is Nick Offerman Gay In The Last of Us?

Is Nick Offerman Gay In The Last of Us? Fully Explained

Is Nick Offerman gay? The subject of Nick Offerman's sexual orientation has been brought up in connection with his portrayal of Bill in HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us. The actor's sexual orientation is usually private and hence not something that has to be disclosed. However, there is an issue of actual representation when it comes to representing members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially with an important thematic figure like Bill from The Last of Us.
Several characters in the video game The Last of Us are strongly suggested to be LGBTQ+. It wasn't until the downloadable content Left Behind that any of those numbers, including Bill's, were made clear. It would nearly need a deliberate misunderstanding of The Last of Us to assume that Frank was merely Bill's "partner" in surviving and sealing off the town with him.

#1. Is Nick Offerman Gay In The Last of Us?

Is Nick Offerman Gay Source: HBO
Though Bill is gay in The Last of Us, Nick Offerman is straight and married to Megan Mullally. He has, however, become an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community over the years, using the privileges his identity has granted him to advocate on behalf of others who do not. While promoting his role in Hearts Beat Loud with Logo, Nick Offerman made the following points:
"Theatre, cinema, and television are the most common forms of narrative that give a voice to the marginalized. And so, in my lifetime, I've focused on topics relating to the intersection of the sexes, the gay community, and people of color. Any hint of homophobic, sexist, or racial humor in a script immediately alarms me.
Even if Nick Offerman isn't homosexual as Bill is, the LGBTQ+ population is more likely to see positive portrayals of themselves in media now than they were even a decade ago because of societal advancements. A person who identifies as LGBTQ+ would have been a great choice for the character of Bill, but there are two other factors to consider. Murray Bartlett, a gay guy, plays Bill's gay boyfriend Frank in the NBC series The Last of Us. Similarly, Nick Offerman stepped in to play Bill when Con O'Neill had to drop out of HBO's The Last of Us owing to schedule conflicts.


Is Nick Offerman Gay Is Nick Offerman Gay In The Last of Us?
Bill doesn't play a huge part in The Last of Us's world. When the game ends, the main character has just left his hometown to continue his travels. Bill is only one of many LGBTQ+ characters in both The Last of Us and its sequel, The Last of Us: Part II and concerns about the LGBTQ+ community become increasingly important as the story progresses in both games (which can now be expected to be explored in The Last of Us season 2).
Ellie's eventual coming out as a lesbian is made possible by the introduction of Bill, who not only helps the reader understand the world after the infection but also sets the stage for Ellie's coming out in a later chapter. Bill was already a pivotal character for the LGBTQ+ community in The Last of Us, but Nick Offerman's portrayal of him might have an even greater impact.
Bill's colleague Frank is killed early in the game, and his corpse is the only thing players ever see of him. This decision comes perilously near the trope of "burying your gays." Nick Offerman, regardless of his sexual orientation, obviously appreciates the duty of accurately portraying Bill's character onscreen, and he is grateful that HBO's The Last of Us has Murray Bartlett as a very much alive version of Frank.
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