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  1. #1. Is Monique Pregnant On Love After Lockup?
  2. #2. What Derek Said?

Is Monique Pregnant On Love After Lockup? What Derek Said?

Is Monique pregnant on Love After Lockup? Have you been watching Love After Lockup, which is now airing on WeTV and is a huge hit? They (Monique and Derek) are the couple that everyone is talking about this season. In the video that may be found below, they discuss an issue that arises in a very high percentage of relationships: adultery.
The reality is that Monique saw that Derek was following her around and tried to get away from him. Derek has concluded that he has wrecked a good thing and is doing everything he can to restore things. Is it possible that she may forgive him?
Derek wasn't even trying to hide the fact that he was doing it. Is Monique doing something unethical by going through his phone and reading his text messages? Given that she has been paying his phone bill, do you think it appropriate for her to check his phone records? Put yourself in Monique's shoes and consider whether or not you would give Derek a second opportunity. Do you believe he will be true to his word and stop cheating completely?

#1. Is Monique Pregnant On Love After Lockup?

Is Monique Pregnant On Love After Lockup Source: Love After Lockup
After the seventh season of Love After Lockup, Monique traveled back to Chicago from Cleveland when she discovered that Derek had been unfaithful. The pair is depicted in sneak peeks for the show Life After Prison, making an effort to bridge the rifts in their previously tumultuous relationship. Because of the couple's persistent fighting and lack of confidence in one another, Derek was unable to propose to Monique during his LAL season, when he had originally intended to do so, and when he had purchased the ring.


It appears they have completed their season of Life After Prison together. On February 3, 2023, Monique posted a photo of herself and her husband holding hands while he sat on a throne on Instagram, saying, "I will always adore you." A professional photographer took the shot. "He my king. I’m his queen. Get use to it [sic]."

#2. What Derek Said?

Is Monique Pregnant On Love After Lockup Is Monique Pregnant On Love After Lockup?
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