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  1. #1. Is Martin Mull in Not Dead Yet?

Is Martin Mull in Not Dead Yet? List of Cast And Guest Stars

Is Martin Mull in Not Dead Yet? Gina Rodriguez became the talk of Hollywood not so long ago thanks to her performance on the show Jane the Virgin in the role of Jane Villanueva. Today, she prepares to return to the spotlight by starring in the comedy series Not Dead Yet.
The main character of the new comedic film is a journalist named Nell Serrano, played by Gina Rodriguez, who has completely lost control of her job. It has come to her attention that her new chief editor has tasked her with covering the tedious but essential field of obituaries; as a result, she may end up with more work than she had anticipated.

#1. Is Martin Mull in Not Dead Yet?

Is Martin Mull in Not Dead Yet Source: Not Dead Yet
So, tell me, in addition to a compelling narrative, what other aspects of this brand-new program should prospective viewers anticipate? The following list contains everything we know about Not Dead Yet. The teaser clarifies that this program offers viewers a new and distinctive option for what to watch throughout the primetime hours of the day. We also believe viewers who enjoy comedies like Ghosts would enjoy the shenanigans in Not Dead Yet.
As the show's headliner, Gina Rodriguez again takes the spotlight in the center of the stage. Rodriguez has been in movies including "Someone Beautiful," "Miss Bala," and "Awake," and she was awarded a Golden Globe for her performance in "Jane the Virgin." In addition, she has provided the voice for the character of Gina Alvarez in the critically acclaimed Netflix comedy Big Mouth.


Sam, portrayed by Hannah Simone, is one of Rodriguez's co-stars. Although Simone is most recognized for her performance as Cece on the television show New Girl, she has also appeared as a guest performer on the Fox comedy series Single Parents.

Not Dead Yet Guest Stars

Is Martin Mull in Not Dead Yet Is Martin Mull in Not Dead Yet?
  • Martin Mull
  • Don Lake
  • Rhea Perlman
  • Paula Pell
  • Ed Begley Jr.
  • Mo Collins
  • Julia Sweeney
  • Deborah S. Craig
  • Telma Hopkins
  • Tony Plana
  • Brittany Snow
"Nell Serrano, played by Rodriguez, is the main character in Not Dead Yet. She describes herself as a catastrophe and struggles to put her life back together after being jobless and newly single for five years. Rodriguez portrays Nell. Nell's sole option for the gainful job is to write obituaries, and it is in this task that she discovers some unexpectedly helpful advice. The play is an adaptation of the novel "Confessions of a F*** Up in My 40s" by Alexandra Potter."
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