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  1. #1. Is Scoot Leaving FBI International?

Is Scoot Leaving FBI International? Updated

Is Scoot leaving FBI international? As Luke Kleintank didn't make much of an appearance in the second season of FBI: International, many people get the impression that the character is done with the program, but has Forrester truly been written out of the show? The fans have been understandably curious about this subject during the current season.
Kleintank showed up in the first few episodes of the second season, but he has been noticeably absent from the following episodes. Forrester has been referenced on the show. Still, he has not been present with the team in recent episodes for several reasons. This has led many viewers to think that the storylines are designed to prepare the way for the character's departure from the show in the future.

#1. Is Scoot Leaving FBI International?

Is Scoot Leaving FBI International Source: CBS
Even though Forrester has only appeared in a select few episodes this season, Luke Kleintank is still a member of the cast of the second season of FBI: International. This is the case even though Kleintank plays Forrester. As Kleintank is now on paternity leave, he won't be able to appear in any further episodes of this season. To compensate for Kleintank's absence from the program this season, the writers have devised a cunning plan that has resulted in the removal of Forrester from the show.
By contrast, it has been established that the current narrative will have some bearing on his arrival later in the season. Derek Haas, the showrunner for FBI: International, mentioned in a recent interview that actor Luke Kleintank is now taking time off for paternity leave. Because of Kleintank's tight schedule, the authors concluded that they needed to create a narrative that would allow them to take advantage of the character's absence while laying the groundwork for a dramatic change in his life when he returns.


Is Scoot Leaving FBI International Is Scoot Leaving FBI International?
When Haas was absent from the show, the cast decided to "raise all of the other characters and enable them to have specific episodes where they can shine on their own," as Haas explained. And two, it might compromise Forrester's status in the professional community. It is logical for him to wonder why the Fly Team does not include him in their standard rota of staff members to work shifts. This sets the stage for a major turning point for the protagonist in the story's second half.
Luke Kleintank won't be seen on FBI: International for at least a few more episodes, and the show's producers have not yet determined when they will bring him back. On the other hand, as was said in a recent article by TVLine, we won't find out what happens next with the character until the episode airing on January 24.
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