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  1. #1. Is Kyrsten Sinema Leaving Democratic Party?

Is Kyrsten Sinema Leaving Democratic Party? Updated New

Is Kyrsten Sinema Leaving Democratic Party? In an exclusive TV interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Kyrsten Sinema said she will be leaving the Democratic Party and registering as a political independent shortly. "I've registered as an Arizona independent. In an interview that took place on Thursday between Sinema and Tapper in her Senate office, Sinema stated, "I realize that some people might be a little bit surprised by this, but actually, I believe it makes a lot of sense."
"I've never been someone who a party could easily categorize. I've never given it much of an effort. She went on to say, "I don't want to." "Removing myself from the partisan framework is not only consistent with who I am and the way that I conduct business, but I also believe that it will create a place of belonging for many others across the state and the country who are also tired of the politics."

#1. Is Kyrsten Sinema Leaving Democratic Party?

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It is quite doubtful that Senator Sinema's decision to leave the Democratic Party will shift the power dynamic in the upcoming Senate session. The Democrats will have a slim majority of 51 votes to the Republicans' 49 votes, but they will have the support of two independent senators who caucus with them: Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine.
While Sanders and King participate in the Democratic caucus in a formal capacity, Sinema has chosen not to state unequivocally whether or not she will do the same. She did note, however, that she anticipates keeping her committee assignments, which signals that she does not plan to upend the composition of the Senate, given that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer controls the committee rosters for Democrats. She also mentioned that she expects to keep her seat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Sinema stated that there would not be any changes when she arrived at work each day. "I'm going to continue coming to work, and hopefully serve on the same committees I've been serving on, and continue to work well with my colleagues from both political parties," she said. "I'm going to continue serving on the same committees I've been serving on."
The Senator for Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema, began her political career as a member of the Green Party before being elected as a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives in 2012 and to the United States Senate in 2018. However, Sinema's decision to become a political independent makes official what has long been an independent streak for the senator.


Kyrsten Sinema Leaving Democratic Party
Sinema has always taken pride in being a thorn in the side of Democratic leaders. Her new nonpartisan affiliation will free her to embrace an against-the-grain status in the Senate. However, this does raise new questions about how she – and Senate Democrats – will approach her reelection in 2024, especially considering that liberals are already considering a challenge.
In an opinion piece published in the Arizona Republic on Friday, Sinema explained her choice and noted that her approach in the Senate has "upset partisans in both parties." Sinema's piece was released.
"When politicians are more focused on rejecting the success of the opposing party than they are on improving the lives of Americans, the ones who lose are average Americans," Sinema said. "The people who are losing are everyday Americans." "That is why I have joined the rising number of Arizonans who reject party politics by declaring my independence from the broken political system in Washington," she said. "It is because of this that I joined the growing number of Arizonans who reject party politics."


Kyrsten Sinema Leaving Democratic Party
In 2024, Sinema will be up for reelection, and liberals in Arizona are already speculating about potential challengers. One of these potential candidates is Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego, who stated earlier this year that he had received encouragement from other Democratic senators to run against Sinema.
After Sinema's announcement, Gallego said, "Unfortunately, Senator Sinema is once again putting her selfish interests ahead of getting things done for Arizonans." Gallego's comment was in response to Sinema's announcement. During the interview with Tapper, Senator Sinema refused to answer any questions on her reelection campaign, claiming that she is not concentrating on politics at this time.
In addition, she dismissed the possibility of being criticized for her decision to leave the Democratic Party. "I'm simply not bothered about somebody who may not appreciate this approach," Sinema added. "I'm just not worried about those people." "My first concern is making sure that I always act in a manner that is beneficial to my state. We hear a lot about the fact that there are some people who have issue with the way I approach things. The evidence, however, can be found in the dessert."
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