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  1. #1. Is Kim Burgess Leaving Chicago PD?

Is Kim Burgess Leaving Chicago PD? Updated News

Is Kim Burgess leaving Chicago PD? Officers Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek look into the circumstances behind Jamie's shooting death on this week's episode of 'Chicago P.D.' on NBC. In a metro train, Kim futilely attempts to protect Jamie from the murderer but is unsuccessful. The death of Jamie, in addition to the impending danger, has a significant impact on her.
She decides to join the Intelligence Unit in the hopes of assisting in identifying the murderer, but the ordeal has caused her to consider leaving the unit.

#1. Is Kim Burgess Leaving Chicago PD?

Is Kim Burgess Leaving Chicago PD Source: Chicago PD
As her employment as an officer in the Intelligence Unit requires her to solve high-profile and extremely perilous cases one after the other, Kim frequently puts her life in danger for the sake of her profession. During the investigation, she was shot in the abdomen, and she came perilously close to passing away due to her injuries.
Kim now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the traumatic occurrence, and flashbacks to the ordeal lead her to withdraw physically and psychologically for short periods. She has a disproportionate response to the sound of an airgun being fired, and as a result, she believes that she has been shot, even though she has not been injured at all.
Kim and Ruzek team together in episode 14 of Season 10 to pursue legal action against Aaron, who they believe is responsible for the death of Jamie. Despite her best efforts to protect Jamie's life, Kim feels helpless despite the distressing ideas running through her head. While she lies next to Jamie's corpse, she examines her body to find a gunshot hole that does not exist. Aaron continues to fire at her while she is attempting to save Aaron's son from a well.


Is Kim Burgess Leaving Chicago PD Is Kim Burgess Leaving Chicago PD?
She is successful in rescuing the child, thanks to Ruzek's assistance. Still, she later acknowledges to her physician that she cannot maintain employment due to the mental health troubles she has been experiencing. It appeared as though Kim was seriously considering leaving her current line of work so that her PTSD would not affect any future investigations. Kim may be thinking of quitting the police department, but it doesn't imply she will certainly do it.
She is a member of a team of law enforcement officers that look out for each other at all times. When they discover Kim's problems, they shouldn't give in to her wish to quit the police force. Instead, they should stay by her side and provide their support. As Kim's coworkers are also police officers prepared to put their lives on the line for the greater good, she will likely confide in them about her concerns.
Sergeant Henry "Hank" Voight may assign her to desk duty until she gets her life in line, allowing her to escape the potential dangers of working in the field. If that is not an option, Kim could consider taking a leave of absence from the police department rather than quitting her position. She may be able to decrease the effects of her PTSD and go back to work if she gets support from her doctor. In light of this information, what does the future hold for the police drama in which Marina Squerciati stars? This is what we have learned up to this point.
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