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  1. Why People Thought Kenny Loggins Gay?
  2. Kenny Loggins’ Family

Is Kenny Loggins Gay? All About Kenny Loggins

People have wondered about Kenny Loggins' sexuality, especially because of a song he sang in the film "Top Gun" which was seen as having gay undertones. But Kenny Loggins is not gay; he is straight. However, it's important to note that this song, “Playing With the Boys,” aimed to show close friendship, not romantic love. Throughout his life, Loggins has had chances to talk about his sexual orientation and has always said he's straight. His personal life, including his marriages and children, also show this.

Key Takeaways

  • Rumors about Kenny Loggins being gay started due to a "Top Gun" song, but it was just about friendship.
  • Loggins says he's straight, backed by his two marriages and five kids.
  • His music and personal life are two different stories; the gossip doesn't define his career.

Why People Thought Kenny Loggins Gay?

is kenny loggins gay Source: @thekennyloggins

The primary reason some people wondered about Kenny Loggins being gay stems from his involvement in the "Top Gun" movie. The song he performed, “Playing With the Boys,” was played during scenes that were seen as having gay undertones.

This led to a wrong idea about the song's intent and, by extension, about Loggins' sexuality. It is important to emphasize that the song was about friendly, not lovey-dovey, love. The misinterpretation of the song's context contributed to baseless gossip about Loggins' sexual orientation. 


Kenny Loggins’ Family

  • Marriages and Children: Kenny Loggins has been married twice and is a father to five children. His personal life offers a clear view of his sexual orientation.
  • Eva Ein: Loggins and Eva Ein, an actress known for roles in films like "All I Want for Christmas" and "Caddyshack," had three children: Crosby, Cody, and Isabella. Crosby, their eldest, made a name for himself as a musician and singer.
  • Julia Cooper: Loggins and Julia Cooper, who has a more private life, had two children, Lukas and Hana. Their relationship grew over time, ending in marriage after Loggins' divorce from Ein was done.

Kenny Loggins' career, marked by famous songs and contributions to famous movie soundtracks, has been sometimes hidden by unfounded speculations about his sexuality. It's crucial to recognize that these rumors stem from misinterpretations of his artistic work, notably the "Playing With the Boys" track from "Top Gun." Loggins' personal life, highlighted by two marriages and fatherhood, clearly reflects his heterosexual orientation. The notion that "Kenny Loggins gay" is incorrect, he is straight.

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