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  1. #1. Is Ellie Gay In The Last Of Us Game? The Deeper Insight

Is Ellie Gay In The Last Of Us Game? The Story Behind

Is Ellie Gay In The Last Of Us game? Episode 2 of HBO's The Last of Us explores Ellie's character in greater depth and reveals additional clues regarding her sexuality. Joel and Tess's reluctance to accept Ellie's immunity reveal is carried over into the second episode of The Last of Us. The two are questioning the girl to find out if she is immune or if she would suddenly mutate into one of the monsters that have wiped out civilization.
Ellie's backstory is explored in depth in The Last of Us episode 2 when the group decides to carry out their mission and bring her to the Fireflies at the State House. The relationship with Anna Torv's Tess brings out details about Bella Ramsey's Ellie. A discussion provides a glimpse at one of the most innovative plots in the original game's history, as Ellie's sexuality is alluded to.

#1. Is Ellie Gay In The Last Of Us Game? The Deeper Insight

Is Ellie Gay In The Last Of Us Game Source: The Last Of Us
Tess worries that she and Joel may be in danger if anybody comes looking for Ellie while they are on the road. Ellie tells Tess that she is an orphan, as was established in The Last of Us episode 1, but she hesitates when asked if a parent or a partner will come looking for her. After a little pause, Ellie finally responds, "and um... no."
Another clue that Ellie is gay comes from the hesitation in her response and the pointed camera focus on her when she says this in HBO's The Last of Us show, which often alludes to a mysterious character named Riley. The sexuality of Ellie, a key component of the original The Last of Us game, will be maintained in the HBO adaptation, as revealed by the show's co-writer and co-creator, Craig Mazin.
Ellie's lesbian identity plays a significant role in the character's growth in both games, notably the sequel. It makes it possible for some of the most emotionally wrenching moments in both games, particularly in the original game's Left Behind DLC, which is also set to be explored in The Last of Us show. Not long after the announcement of the series, a fan rushed to Twitter to ask Mazin and Druckmann to "keep the gay gay" and not to remove any representation from the game. When told that his tweets were now private, Mazin answered that they had his word.


Is Ellie Gay In The Last Of Us Game Is Ellie Gay In The Last Of Us Game?
It seems evident that Ellie's sexuality will be maintained the same, corroborating Mazin's early claims, thanks to the involvement of Druckmann and the indications in episodes 1 and 2 of the program. Though Ellie's sexuality on television wasn't groundbreaking then, it was essential to the plot of the first The Last of Us game because of the progress made in depicting the LGBTQ+ community in media.
Although LGBTQ+ characters appeared in video games before 2013's The Last of Us, the topic was rarely given a spotlight by industry heavyweights. In most games, LGBTQ+ characters were either side characters or given minor roles. The exceptions were games that let players choose the sexual orientation of their protagonist. By staying true to the game's character arcs, HBO's The Last of Us will be able to revisit a watershed moment for diversity in video games.
Ellie was one of the first playable characters in a major video game to identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community openly. It's important to remember that in the first release of The Last of Us, Ellie's sexuality, like Bill's, is only slightly inferred. The character's sexual orientation was unclear until the downloadable content left behind was released.
There has been significant growth in the number of LGBTQ+ playable characters in video games since The Last of Us was launched. Still, the HBO adaptation must be careful not to straight-wash this key LGBTQ+ milestone in gaming by removing this aspect of Ellie's character.
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