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  1. Is Bunnie XO Related To Dolly Parton?
  2. Why Do People Think That Dolly Parton Is Bunnie's Mom

Is Bunnie XO Related To Dolly Parton? Is Dolly Parton Bunnie's Mom?

Lately, Bunnie XO has won over a lot of people, especially as the wife of popular country artist Jelly Roll. Is Bunnie XO related to Dolly Parton? This piece looks into whether Bunnie XO is related to Dolly Parton.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bunnie XO, married to Jelly Roll, is not related to Dolly Parton, despite public speculation.
  • Bunnie's style and affectionate remarks about Dolly on social media fuel these rumors.
  • Her self-description in her podcast hints at admiration, not a biological connection to Dolly.
Despite what many think, Bunnie XO is not related to Dolly Parton. There are no family ties between these two big names in the Entertainment world.
While Bunnie XO, a popular podcast host and social media influencer, is married to Jelly Roll, who is quickly becoming famous in the country music scene, she doesn't have a legendary Dolly Parton lineage. This clear answer clears up the confusion about this common question.

Why Do People Think That Dolly Parton Is Bunnie's Mom

Source: Facebook/@bunniexo
The idea that Dolly Parton might be Bunnie XO's mother comes from a few things. First, Bunnie XO's lively and flashy personality, with her blonde hair and glamorous style, makes people think of Dolly Parton's famous look.
Also, Bunnie XO has warmly talked about Dolly Parton on social media. For example, she celebrated Dolly on her birthday, calling her her "birthday twin" and showing her love for Dolly's style, which she copies.
Moreover, Bunnie XO calling herself the "wild mix of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth" on her podcast added to these rumors. This symbolic description suggests a deep connection but not a direct family link between Bunnie XO and Dolly Parton.
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