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  2. #2. Is Brooklyn Pregnant On General Hospital?

Is Brooklyn Pregnant On General Hospital? The Answer

Is Brooklyn pregnant on General Hospital? When the character of Brook Lynn was first introduced in October of 1996, Brooke Radding took on the role of Brook Lynn for the first time on the show. In 2001, the character of Brook Lynn was written off the show, but she made a comeback in 2004 under the guise of Adrianne León. After his departure in 2006, León returned in 2010 for a second spell that continued through 2011.
For the third time, the part of Kimberly has been played by Amanda Setton, a veteran of "One Life to Live" who was cast in the role in November 2019. But in August of 2020, she chose to take maternity leave, and thus Briana Lane was hired to fill it temporarily. By the end of November, the character had already departed Port Charles for the second time, but by March of the following year, Setton was back in the role!

#1. What Happened To Brooklyn GH?

Is Brooklyn Pregnant On General Hospital Source: General Hospital
In November of 2019, Brook Lynn was seen in Port Charles once more when she went to Charlie's Pub to drown her sorrows and started a chat with Julian Jerome. It turned out that she was hoping to get rid of her prior manager, Linc, who was forcing her into completing the remaining term of her contract by using some of the influence of the Quartermaine family.
Because Ned had failed to bail out his daughter and Linc was constantly harassing her, she decided to sell her shares of ELQ to Valentin Cassadine in exchange for his removing Linc from her life. With her pregnancy visible, Brook Lynn returned to Port Charles in March of 2021 and immediately informed Valentin of the good news. After leaving Port Charles for a long time, Brook Lynn eventually returned in 2021. The infant was used as leverage to convince Valentin to return the Quartermaines' stolen ELQ shares.


This was done with the help of the unborn child. The only catch was that Brook Lynn wasn't pregnant at all! She realized that to fulfill her end of the bargain with Valentin, and she would need to give birth to a kid, so she formed a business partnership with Maxie, who was already carrying a child.
Maxie was eager to go along with the crazy baby switch idea to shield her daughter from the threat posed by Peter August, the girl's dangerous father. However, Valentin moved his daughter Charlotte and her bodyguard Yuri into the Quartermaine home to keep a careful eye on Brook Lynn. As a result, it was difficult to pull off this insane plan!

#2. Is Brooklyn Pregnant On General Hospital?

Is Brooklyn Pregnant On General Hospital
After Valentin started to have doubts, Brook Lynn told him the truth, and he stopped pretending he was Bailey's real father. But before she could tell him the truth, Chase pretended to be the girl's baby daddy. Because of this, she was unable to tell him the truth. When Brook Lynn developed an affection for the cop, he was already an issue because he was in on the scam.
Brook Lynn continued to have ties to Chase, although she had given Louise back to Maxie. When Linc reappeared, Brook Lynn was irritated, and she was incensed when she discovered that he owned all of the music she had composed while under his contract. Chase chose not to assist, but when things became unpleasant, he punched the shady producer and was subsequently suspended from the police department.


To pull Linc down and reclaim her songs, Brook Lynn made the most of the opportunity to convince Chase to pursue a career as a singer. She did this by encouraging him to pursue a singing career. They became closer to one another than before, so Brook, Lynn, and Chase decided to make their relationship official. Unfortunately, Chase ended their relationship after he learned that Brook Lynn had been asked to write a letter of reference for him to get reinstated as a police officer, but she had not done so. This led to Chase's dismissal from the force.
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