Is Brian Cox Leaving Succession? Does Logan Roy Die? Full Explanation

Is Brian Cox leaving Succession? Does Logan Roy die in Succession Season 4? Here's a full explanation of what happened to Logan Roy in the latest episode of Succession.
This week, Succession is back with an another episode. The 3rd episode of Succession Season 4 officially airs on April 9th with the title "Connor's Wedding". According to the synopsis, in this episode, while Logan assigns an unpleasant mission in preparation for his trip to meet Matsson, Connor obsesses over details for his wedding.
The viewers have always expected that Logan Roy is going to die at some point in Succession, especially considering the current situation of each character. Has this prediction finally become true in Succession Season 4 Episode 3? Is Logan Roy really dead? If yes, then how did he die? Read until the end to find out.

#1. Succession Season 4 Episode 3 Cast

Source: HBO

  • Nicholas Braun plays Greg Hirsch
  • Brian Cox plays Logan Roy
  • Kieran Culkin plays Roman Roy
  • Dagmara Dominczyk plays Karolina Novotney
  • Peter Friedman plays Frank Vernon
  • Justine Lupe plays Willa Ferreyra
  • Matthew Macfadyen plays Tom Wambsgans
  • David Rasche plays Karl Muller
  • Alan Ruck plays Connor Roy
  • J. Smith-Cameron plays Gerri Kellman
  • Sarah Snook plays Shiv Roy
  • Fisher Stevens plays Hugo Baker
  • Jeremy Strong plays Kendall Roy
  • Zoe Winters plays Kerry
  • Scott Nicholson plays Colin Stiles
  • Juliana Canfield plays Jess Jordan
  • Cynthia Mace plays Sylvia
  • Jamie Chung

#2. Does Logan Roy Die? Succession Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers

Is Brian Cox Leaving SuccessionSource: HBO

The answer is out: Yes, Logan Roy is no longer alive.
The incident happened when Roy and a team of advisers prepared to go to Stockholm, Sweden to meet with Lukas Matsson, the CEO of Gojo, to discuss about the Waystar Roco's acquisition deal. Not long after the company private jet took off New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, Roy started to have breathing problems. He quickly became unconscious and was eventually found in a dire condition in the plane's bathroom.
Things were not looking good for Roy. The Roy siblings were soon informed about the situation. Even though they didn't want to admit it, they all knew what was going to happen. Roman didn't even believe the news at first - he can't believe that the last thing he said to his father were all the harsh words that he sent to Roy through a voicemail.
The siblings could only said their last goodbye to their father through a tearful phone call. It's true that they didn't really have good relationships with Roy - he wasn't the best father figure - but he is still their father, after all. It's unavoidable that they became devastated after learning about their father's death.

Is Brian Cox Leaving SuccessionSource: HBO

After a while, the crews announced that they have decided to stop doing chest compressions. Roy was officially announced dead. His cause of death hasn't been revealed, but there is a high chance that it was because of cardiac arrest.
Logan Roy had been dealing with health problems for a while due to his old age, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. But the timing of his death was definitely the worst - he passed away right on Connor's wedding day. Connor was also the last one to learn about the news - he didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to his dad one last time. It couldn't get more terrible than this - having your father abandoning you on one of the most special days in your life in the worst way possible.
Waystar Royco, which was already unstable due to controversy and internal conflicts, now lacks a clear successor after Roy passed away. The price of the company's shares immediately dropped when the news broke out. The Roy siblings were trying their best to deal with the complex emotions, but they would eventually have to gather themselves together soon to prepare for the upcoming changes.
According to Brian Cox, the original plan of the producers was to let Logan die in Season 1, but they later decided to postpone it until the final season.
"Originally, I was supposed to die at the end of the first series. But I think they realised that Logan is the centrifugal force of the piece. Everything has to spin off him, and the kids’ vices are all about their father, and relating to their father. Do they love their father, and if so how do they show that love?”, Brian shared in an interview with The Guardian.


#3. Is Brian Cox Leaving Succession?

Is Brian Cox Leaving SuccessionSource: HBO

Is Brian Cox leaving Succession? Well, with the death of the character Logan Roy, it's pretty certain that we have to say goodbye to Brian Cox on Succession from now on. We might have mixed feelings about Logan Roy, but we would definitely miss Brian Cox! Hopefully we would still get to see him in some throwback scenes of Succession in the future. dedicates to provide you with a wide range of creative and interesting news. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to keep updated on the latest news of Succession.
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