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  1. Is BlackPink Disbanded? BlackPink Disband Date Revealed (Let’s Hope It’s Not Real)
  2. BlackPink’s Contract Is Expired, What’s Next?
  3. What Are Fans Saying About BlackPink’s Disbandment News
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Is BlackPink Disbanded? When Is BlackPink Disbanding? Debunking The Hoaxes

Is BlackPink disbanded? Are they disbanding? The news about their contract’s expiration has led to multiple questions regarding their future with YG Media. Even if you are not a Blink, you can’t avoid their heat with such a great Born Pink summer.

If you are curious about BlackPink’s fate after the world tour and further in the future, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will address every question and answer with what we’ve got until now.


Is BlackPink Disbanded? BlackPink Disband Date Revealed (Let’s Hope It’s Not Real)

Is BlackPink Disbanded Source: Google Images

To ensure you, the short answer is NO, they are not disbanding, at least not in the foreseeable future.

BLACKPINK, the sensational K-pop group that stole hearts since their debut in 2016, faced uncertainty in 2023 as their contract with YG Entertainment approached its end. Fans around the world grew anxious about the possibility of the band disbanding, particularly as their Born Pink tour reached its conclusion on September 17.

Speculations about BLACKPINK's disbandment in 2023 began swirling as the tour wrapped up, leaving many fans with a heavy heart. During the final concert in Seoul, some subtle signs fueled these concerns. 

Jennie's solo performance, delivered without background dancers, and the emotional reactions of all the members tugged at fans' heartstrings.

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The emotional display was unusual for a group known for their energetic stage presence. 

Witnessing the members teary-eyed, fans started to fear that this could indeed be the end of BLACKPINK. However, it's essential to note that no official announcement has been made as of now.

Additionally, rumors swirled around Lisa's contract, with reports suggesting that YG Entertainment faced challenges in securing a deal with her. Some speculated that Lisa might leave the group as she received tempting offers from other agencies. YG Entertainment swiftly responded, dismissing these rumors and emphasizing that no final decisions had been reached.

While concerns about BLACKPINK's future persist, the group's individual endeavors and continued global influence offer hope that this iconic K-pop ensemble may continue to shine in new and exciting ways.


BlackPink’s Contract Is Expired, What’s Next?

BlackPink’s Contract Is Expired Source: Google Images

All four members of BlackPink, especially Lisa, haven’t confirmed to renew their contracts with YG. The future of BLACKPINK, the beloved K-pop sensation, is hanging in the balance, and it's sending shockwaves through the K-pop community and beyond. 

Lisa has reportedly declined offers to renew her contract with YG Entertainment, the K-pop agency known for housing some of the industry's biggest stars.

In response to the swirling rumors, YG Entertainment released a statement to TVReport, a South Korean outlet. They addressed the Lisa situation, stating, "We are discussing renewing our contract with Lisa," while emphasizing that "the rumor has not been officially confirmed."

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However, Lisa isn't the sole member whose contract hangs in the balance. According to CNBC, YG has yet to confirm contract renewals with Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé, leaving fans on edge about the future of BLACKPINK.

The impact of this uncertainty extends beyond the fanbase. YG Entertainment's shares reportedly took a hit, dropping nearly nine percent following the news that Lisa might be considering offers from other labels.

This saga traces back to July when South Korean outlet Munhwa Ilbo first reported Lisa's struggles to reach an agreement with the company. This had implications for BLACKPINK's schedule of public appearances, causing some concern. 

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YG Entertainment swiftly responded, asserting that the scheduling conflicts were unrelated to contract renewals but were instead linked to tour schedules and Lisa's individual activities.

Currently, BLACKPINK has finished the final leg of its Born Pink World Tour, with the grand finale set in Seoul, South Korea, from September 16 to 17—a significant moment for both the group and their dedicated global fanbase. 

As the tour concludes, fans around the world anxiously await news about the group's future, hoping for the best for their beloved BLACKPINK.


What Are Fans Saying About BlackPink’s Disbandment News

Fans have been on edge as uncertainty looms over the future of BLACKPINK. Concerns over the band's contract renewal have led to emotional reactions on social media, with fans expressing their fears about the possibility of disbandment.

One fan tweeted, "If Blackpink disbands then I'm disbanding myself," reflecting the deep attachment fans have to the group. Another fan added, "If Blackpink really disbands, I'm just gonna die, bro."

There is a prevailing sentiment among fans that a hiatus, rather than disbandment, might be the worst-case scenario. A fan shared, "Tbh, I personally think that the worst that can happen to Blackpink is YG putting them on an indefinite hiatus and not disbanding them but also never giving them another comeback, until they lose their momentum, like SM did with f(x), and the girls don't deserve that."

blackpink fans comment Source: Quora

The uncertainty surrounding the group's future has left many fans anxious. One fan expressed, "All of this seems like they'll disband," while another fan, still reeling from the disbandment of Red Velvet, said, "Red Velvet and now Blackpink??? I'm losing it."

In a recent incident, a K-pop fan's actions at a TWICE concert in France stirred controversy. The fan was seen wearing a shirt with Jennie's photo and holding a BLACKPINK banner, sparking mixed reactions on social media. 

Such behavior is considered disrespectful within the realm of idol culture and received backlash from loyal fans of both groups.

The incident exacerbated tensions between BLINKs (BLACKPINK's fandom) and ONCEs (TWICE's fandom), as both groups are often seen as rivals in the highly competitive K-pop landscape. Some fans interpreted this as an attempt to incite conflict between the two fandoms.



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Is BlackPink disbanded? NO, in the foreseeable future. Yet as fans eagerly await official announcements regarding BLACKPINK's future, emotions are running high, and the K-pop world remains abuzz with speculation and anticipation. 

In the meantime, let’s hope the beloved members best wishes and that they will choose what’s the most suitable path for themselves and their fans.

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