Is Alix Lapri Pregnant? The Effie Character On The Series Power Book II: Ghost

Fans of the Starz drama Power are excited to learn more about Alix Lapri, the actress who portrays Effie in the series and its spin-off Power Book II: Ghost, since she recently returned to the show. Here is everything you can update about the actress including the rumor of her pregnancy. 

#1. Who is Alix Lapri?

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Alix Lapri is a singer and actress who is a rising star thanks to her work in the Starz series Power Book II: Ghost. The hit show is returning for season two this weekend and we caught up with Alix to learn some things that fans might not know about her!
Alix made her debut as Effie in the final season of Power and reprised the role for the spinoff series Ghost. She is also known for her role as Maloa in the 2018 movie Den of Thieves

#2. Alix Lapri has her own Youtube channel

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She has a YouTube channel where she’s posted videos of herself performing songs including Rihanna’s California King Bed and Adele’s Someone Like You. Speaking to Kidz World back in 2011, Lapri opened up about music, saying: “Actually the idea of singing kind of just formed by itself over time, as a child it was the best thing in the world to me to do.
“It was kind of a way to help me escape from my problems and just relax.” She went on to say: “I started very young, so I kind of developed singing by remixing the ABC's and things like that. So I just gradually started doing it more and more every day!”
The star previously cited musical influences including Justin Bieber and Beyoncé. At a later age, she decided to pursue an acting career and starred in the TV series Reed Between the Lines in 2011. She went on to feature in Standing Up, short film Core: A Short Film About Bullying, Red Band Society, Downsized and Den of Thieves. However, her biggest role to date was playing Tariq’s fellow student Effie while he was at Choate school.
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#3. Alix Lapri as Effie in The Power

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She shared: ‘We do have quite a few things in common, but for the most part, we are very different. With Effie, as you said, she will stop at nothing to get what she needs. She will hurt anyone in the process, get into trouble and not really care at all. With me, I’m very sensitive. My relationships mean the most to me, more than anything. We’re different in that she can be cold, and I’m a warm spirit. There is a contrast, but we are similar in that I have an edgy side. My energy is strong and bold when I enter a room’.

#4. Is Alix Lapri pregnant in real life?

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There is no official confirmation about her pregnancy. Alix Lapri is currently single, according to our records.
The American Pop Singer was born in Topeka on November 6, 1996. Actress, model, and singer who starred in DJ Caruso’s Standing Up and landed a recurring role in BET’s Reed Between the Lines. Nickelodeon took notice of her on YouTube where she posted videos of herself singing. is a website that provides you with sport updates and entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about entertainment news.
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