'Infinity Pool' Spoilers: Review Worth Watching or Not?

Infinity Pool—the latest from Brandon Cronenberg is one of the big hit movies you shouldn’t miss. But before you go into that world of horror you’ve been warned. Less than one week after it shocked Sundance Festival attendees, Brandon Cronenberg‘s NC-17 horror movie Infinity Pool is making its way to a theater near you. Here is 'Infinity Pool' movie detailed review and spoilers.

#1. What is Infinity Pool about? 

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What does it mean to lose touch with your humanity? Does it mean becoming cruel and leaving behind any compassion? Did you even really have any moral characteristics to begin with or was it just an act that would fall apart when you got the first taste of something different? These are the questions that are posed in writer-director Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool which, rather definitively, provides a series of increasingly bleak and brutal answers to each one of them. Similar in many ways to his previous film, 2020’s Possessor, it is a hallucinogenic meditation on violence and the parts of ourselves that we lose when we become bathed in the blood of those we destroy. Its central characters, rather than be repulsed by this, become drawn to getting more and more for them to consume.
Set on a fictional island at an exclusive resort, Infinity Pool introduces us to James and Em, who’ve been married 10 years and it shows. Em, a publishing heiress, is funding this getaway—as well as James’ entire lifestyle, it seems, since he’s an author with just one unsuccessful book to his name, and a case of writer’s block preventing him from producing any kind of follow-up. The polite tension between them hasn’t softened despite their glamorous surroundings.

#2. 'Infinity Pool' Review

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Infinity Pool is more than just a story about marriage problems. The eerie rotating camerawork and ominous music foreshadow something very dark is on the way, and the film does not waste time getting to its first twist—which is mentioned with careful vagueness in its summary for the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, where the film premiered, but we won't go into detail here. Though James and Em have been specifically told, like all the resort’s guests, not to leave the property, they impulsively decide to visit a beach on another part of the island with a couple they’ve just met: Gabi (Mia Goth from Pearl and X), a flirty actress who specializes in “failing naturally” in TV commercials, and her architect partner, Alban (Jalil Lespert).

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Clearly, there’s something on this island that tourists need to be protected from. But Infinity Pool pulls the rug out again and again, going down a trippy rabbit hole (people with strobe-effect aversions, be warned) that’s gruesomely violent and consistently shocking, with some very clever plotting that backs everything up.
Brandon Cronenberg’s thriller of lurid, and at times laughable, extremities takes us to a swish resort in the fictional state of Li Tolqa, an isolated idyll that lures writer James (Alexander Skarsgård) with his wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman). His last book was six years ago and he’s hoping to be inspired by the new surroundings. Instead inspiration comes from flirtatious actor Gabi (Mia Goth) and her architect husband Alban (Jalil Lespert) who take James under their wing.

#3. 'Infinity Pool' Spoilers

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This all begins and ends with the struggling writer James (Alexander Skarsgård) who is on a trip with his wife Em  in a fictional resort in Eastern Europe. He is there seeking inspiration as he hasn’t written a book in years. Though he certainly finds it, none of it is in the way he expected. The troubles begin when he encounters Gabi who invites James and his wife to accompany her on a trip with her husband outside the resort. She sufficiently strokes his ego by saying how much she likes his book to make him overlook any potential concerns.
The film follows James as he joins a group of murderers who all terrorize the vacation destination with the knowledge that they will never be held accountable. We witness them all applaud and cheering as their doubles are executed at the same time. Their wealth grants them the power to do anything to anyone. Even versions of themselves that have all their memories and scream out when being killed are expendable. In Infinity Pool, director David Cronenberg shows how it is the rich who indulge in violence without consequence that are the true "animals".
James has been reborn in gore and violence, down to him nursing off of Gabi's breast that is covered in the blood of his double he just destroyed. No matter how much he tries, there is no "getting clean," as he is more like the rich monsters than he would have ever wanted to admit. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.
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