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  1. #1. The Menu's Ending Explained
  2. #2. In The Menu What Happened To Tyler?

In The Menu What Happened To Tyler? Fully Explained

In The Menu what happened to Tyler? The Menu, an upcoming American dark comedy horror film written by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy and produced by Adam McKay, Betsy Koch, and Will Ferrell, is scheduled for release in 2022. The film, starring Will Tracy as the title character, was directed by Mark Mylod.
When conceited chef Julian Slowik predicts that everyone in the restaurant will perish tonight, chaos ensues. He tortures wealthy tourists by making them observe and even participate in a wide range of depraved practices. It seemed like everyone who came to meet him was either to blame for his lack of inspiration or was living off the labor of others.

#1. The Menu's Ending Explained

In The Menu What Happened To Tyler Source: HBO
Julian's "Margot" is an escort by the name of Erin, and he is hopelessly in love with her. The dinner invitation and his sales pitch are both turned down. Julian recognizes that she is neither rich nor superior because of her job in the service industry. So, she shouldn't be at Hawthorne for any reason.


Soon after releasing Margot, Julian announces to the table that dessert is an upgraded s'mores dish. The kitchen crew works swiftly to clean up the graham cracker crumbs and dress the visitors in little marshmallow capes and chocolate caps. Then Julian lights a fire in the eatery, transforming the patrons into fleshy s'mores. If there was any doubt, know that everyone perishes (except Margot, of course, who watches this go down from the Coast Guard boat).

#2. In The Menu What Happened To Tyler?

In The Menu What Happened To Tyler
Then Slowik uses Tyler, a self-proclaimed culinary expert who claims to be unable to cook, to make his case. After the chef gives Tyler some constructive criticism about the food he was made to make under pressure and whispers something in his ear, Tyler commits. Even though Margot wasn't meant to be involved, Slowik gives her several opportunities to do so (though he tells her she will still die with everyone else).

About The Menu's Plot

In The Menu What Happened To Tyler In The Menu What Happened To Tyler?
Margot Mills and her date Tyler board a boat to the exclusive Hawthorne, a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Julian Slowik on a remote island. Julian's drunken mother also joins them that night.
Soren, Dave, and Bryce are working buddies. Lillian is a reviewer who specializes in food. Richard, who is affluent, and Anne, a writer, serve as her editors. We meet George, a former Hollywood star, and his assistant, Felicity. When asked if Margot was Tyler's guest for the evening, Elsa, the restaurant's maître d'hôtel, gives the party a tour of the island and explains why this is not the case.


Before beginning each course, Julian begins a creepily eloquent monologue that he continues to deliver throughout the dinner. Throughout the evening, Julian and the staff introduce themselves to the guests, and the conversations that ensue reveal secrets ranging from affairs to money laundering. Topics of conversation include social stratification, global warming, the obstacles faced by women in the workplace, and the exploitation of workers by corporations.
During the fourth course, a sous chef takes his own life in front of the diners, and as Richard tries to escape, a staff member slices his ring finger. After the fourth course, Bryce's employer and primary investor, Dave Soren, collapses in front of the diners. During the evening, Julian encourages people to try to leave, but the staff constantly recaptures them.
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