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  1. #1. In Kaleidoscope Who Killed Leo?
  2. #2. What Happened During the Heist?

In Kaleidoscope Who Killed Leo? Comprehensively Explained

In Kaleidoscope who killed Leo? One of Netflix's most innovative programs in terms of storytelling and its newest entry into the heist genre. Kaleidoscope has eight episodes. However, they shouldn't necessarily be seen in the traditional broadcast sequence. As an alternative, each viewer will have a somewhat distinct experience when viewing the show because of Netflix's "Next Episode" function and the episodes' color coding.
It doesn't make a difference where in the plot you jump in. Ray, who is now known as Leo, starts off in the novel as a robber. Roger would distract the victims while Leo broke into their homes and stole all of their valuables. For a time, it looked like this would be plenty for both of them. However, after Roger betrayed Leo and his wife died tragically, Leo was arrested and sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Leo's daughter Hannah gets adopted by a new family following the tragedy.

#1. In Kaleidoscope Who Killed Leo?

Kaleidoscope Who Killed Leo Source: Netflix
To a large extent, this is what drives the robbery. Leo then gathers a ragtag crew to rob Roger, who has risen through the ranks to become a powerful executive at a financial institution, from behind. When Leo learns that Hannah has been promoted to vice president at Roger's company, he becomes even more enraged with Roger. He attempts to reach out to Hannah, but she resents him for leaving.
Leo thinks he'll feel better after he gets even with Roger. Additionally, Leo has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and is running out of time. The show's meat is on the events leading up to the theft and the following fallout. Just before the series finale in the White episode, we learn that the theft was a complete failure.


Kaleidoscope Who Killed Leo
They weren't as successful as they'd hoped in their theft and also suffered some losses. Bob, the team's safecracker, is one of the people we've lost. Another teammate, Ava, is the one who ends up shooting him, and she assumes he is dead. But Bob made it, and the second half of the episode is about him plotting revenge on the rest of the squad. Bob quests for Leo and the others, but the FBI eventually kills him.
On the other hand, he is successful in eliminating Leo's closest ally and best friend, Ava. Additionally, we witness Judy ending things with Stan, the man she dated before marrying Bob. The story concludes with Leo paying a visit to Roger in prison, but it appears that putting his nemesis behind bars is not worthwhile. Leo contacts Hannah, and the two plan for him to visit Hannah to meet her granddaughter. Last seen leaving, Leo appears to be unwell and starts to leave.
As the season concludes, we see what truly happened during the heist in the white-coded final episode, representing revelation, and the truth is revealed. While the disclosures may not be stunning, they help explain some of the series' earlier episodes. That's only one example. Following the theft, Judy's demeanor changes noticeably; at first, we are led to assume that this is due to her grief over Bob's passing. Episode white reveals the true motivations behind Judy's actions.

#2. What Happened During the Heist?

Kaleidoscope Who Killed Leo In Kaleidoscope Who Killed Leo?
As stated, RJ, the getaway driver, and Bob argued. RJ finally snaps under Bob's relentless harassment and shoots him in the posterior; just as Bob raises another gun to fire, Judy fires first, killing Bob. We find out afterward that Bob was silenced when Judy strangled him. Bob had no idea who had assaulted him from behind, but we watch Judy choking him to death and abandoning him. After the gunfire escalates out of control in the street, Judy decides to murder Bob. Finally, Judy goes out on her own, but it's clear that she deeply cares about Bob.
Ava was an FBI informant, but she remained loyal to Leo and the rest of the team throughout the ordeal. She instead slipped them the slip so that the robbers would have more time to pull off the crime. Leo gets exposed for planting a long-lost diamond he had stolen. He sets him up in an attempt to ensure Roger's security, and that's why he ends himself behind bars. The safe is filled with water to suggest it has been opened, which is illogical, but the show goes with it.
It's also revealed that Hannah stole the genuine bonds before they could grab them from Roger. She negotiated a better deal for Roger's clients and then took all their money, returning it to them. Hannah ran into Leo during the theft, and the two had a meaningful conversation. This is why Hannah reconciled with her dad over the phone when we next met them.
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