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  2. I Am Legend 2's Cast: Will Smith's Return, Michael B. Jordan
  3. How Can I Am Legend 2 Happen?
  4. Do I Am Legend 2 Have A Trailer?
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All About I Am Legend 2's Release Date: Will Smith Returns, Trailer, Cast, & More

The 2007 blockbuster I Am Legend is one of Will Smith’s best movies, and the sequel, I Am Legend 2, is reportedly in its development phase. At the end of the first film, Will Smith’s character sacrifices himself to save Anna, Ethan, and the cure from the Darkseekers, so fans are excited to see how he will return in the sequel.

This article will cover everything we know about I Am Legend 2, so buckle up, and ready for another gripping post-apocalyptic adventure with Will Smith.


I Am Legend 2's Release Date 2023

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So far, there is no official release date being announced for the much-anticipated movie. The project’s announcement was made in March 2022, so the movie is still in its early stages of development. Akiva Goldman, who also wrote the first movie, returns to take charge of the sequel’s story.

According to Deadline, the movie project is still going as of February 2023. However, due to the recent Hollywood strikes, the development progress must have stagnated a bit. So far, Goldman hasn’t found a director for the movie yet. Therefore, while the project is still there, we may have to wait a couple more years to see Will Smith as Neville again on the big screen.


I Am Legend 2's Cast: Will Smith's Return, Michael B. Jordan

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Will Smith’s Return To The Franchise

It is widely reported that Will Smith, who plays the protagonist Robert Neville in the prequel, will reprise his role in I Am Legend 2. This piece of news got everyone on their feet, as they’re excited to see how the character will return from death’s door since the first film.

I Am Legend was a huge box office success, and remains one of the best movies in Will Smith’s expansive filmography alongside Men In Black and King Richard.

Smith himself admitted that he once wanted to leave the project behind, but then changed his mind after hearing about the story.

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Michael B. Jordan’s Rumor

The Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan is also reported to be in I Am Legend 2, playing an unknown character. According to some websites, Jordan is actually the main reason that convinced Will Smith to reprise his role as Neville. 

While the actor’s role is still unclear, many believe that he’s another survivor from the Vermont sanctuary, who will work with Neville to find another way to save humanity and learn more about the Darkseekers.


How Can I Am Legend 2 Happen?

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Will Smith’s return in I Am Legend 2 puts many fans in confusion, as the character is already dead at the end of the first film. However, the 2007 prequel also has an alternate ending, which sees Neville surviving the final attack.

In the 2007 movie, Neville, having found the cure to save humanity from the Darkseeker virus, gives Anna and Ethan the extract and sends them into a coal chute inside the lab. He then sacrifices himself using a grenade, blowing himself up along with the other Darkseekers in the room to save the family. Anna and Ethan then escape and successfully reach a survivor camp.

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However, in the alternate ending, Neville is still alive at the end of the movie, as he simply returns the female Darkseeker back to her pack. He then realizes that the Darkseekers are sentient and can form a community of their own, and that he has become a monster in the Darkseekers’ eyes due to his experiments.

This alternate ending was cut due to the initial negative response from the test screening. However, I Am Legends 2 will take the alternate ending as the canonical one, which means Neville is still alive at the end, having abandoned his research.

With the alternate ending, I Am Legend 2 could see Neville, now a reformed man, find another way to find a cure and save humanity without harming the Darkseekers. This ending opens up many possibilities in the sequel, having created a great twist that changes how we look at the infected mutants.


Do I Am Legend 2 Have A Trailer?

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Since the movie’s still in its early development stage, Warner Bros. hasn’t released a trailer for it yet. Fans will have to wait and see for any future updates.



While I Am Legend 2’s project is on the horizon, we may have to wait for a long while to see the movie in theaters, as it’s still in the early stages at the moment. Nevertheless, knowing that Will Smith will be back as Neville is a reassuring piece of news for fans. Michael B. Jordan could be another great addition to the roster of the movie as well.

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