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  1. #1. How Many Avatar Movies Will There Be?

How Many Avatar Movies Will There Be? Comprehensive List

How many Avatar movies will there be? Here we go! The premiere of James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel to his record-breaking hit picture Avatar, which was released in 2009, is getting closer and closer. The initial reactions to the second installment have been published, and reviewers have praised both the emotional tale and the action sections.
It has been a cool 13 years since we had our first contact with the amazing planet of this moon that is more than four light years away from Earth, and now we are making our way back to the imaginary world of Pandora and its inhabitants, the Na'vi. It has incredible technology, vibrant world-building, and the highest revenue for a movie in cinema history. Yet, James Cameron's science fiction blockbuster has not had the cultural impact one might expect for a movie of this scale. To say that I am fascinated by the Avatar phenomenon would be an understatement.
Nevertheless, it appears like Avatar: The Way of Water is a respectable step toward the franchise that James Cameron intends to establish. Let's go through what the Avatar franchise should be like now that its launch is so close; there are only a few days left! 'Avatar The Way Of Water After' Credits: Are There Any?

#1. How Many Avatar Movies Will There Be?

How Many Avatar Movies Will There Be Source: Avatar
Let's begin with the two movies we already have in our collection. The story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who arrives on Pandora to drive the Avatar—genetically engineered bodies that look like Na'vi but are connected mentally to their human drivers—that was meant for his deceased twin brother is told in the first Avatar film, which was released in 2009. The film follows the pretty white savior-like story of Jake Sully.
Once he arrived in Pandora, he was able to win the confidence of the Omaticaya, the Na'vi clan that lived the closest to the human settlement. Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana, is the one who teaches Jake how to live a Na'vi lifestyle, and he eventually falls in love with her. In the end, Jake decides to join forces with the Na'vi in their struggle to regain control of their homeland from the humans. Then there is Avatar: The Way of Water, which we will soon be able to view in an extremely short amount of time.
How Many Avatar Movies Will There Be
According to what we have been able to piece together from the many teasers and trailers, human beings have made their way back to Pandora since the natural resources on the moon appear to be too valuable to ignore completely. Jake Sully and Neytiri, who are currently leading the Omaticaya and raising their family, will be forced to take up their guns once more, this time with the assistance of the Metkayina clan, who reside near the ocean reef (and are possibly the reason why the movie is titled that).

Comprehensive List

How Many Avatar Movies Will There Be
The Avatar franchise has many more movies planned than the two produced so far, making it a tremendously expensive enterprise with a combined budget hovering around the mark of one billion dollars. There are plans for three additional films, which, if realized, would bring the total number of films in this franchise to five.
The release of Avatar 3, which will feature footage from approximately the same time as that of Avatar: The Way of Water, is scheduled for December 2024. The release date of Avatar 4 is now set for December 2026, and principal photography has already begun. Pre-production work has begun on Avatar 5, which is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2028.
However, James Cameron remarked in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he would be open to the idea of doing Avatar 6 and Avatar 7, even though doing so would mean passing the director's hat to an individual who was a few years younger than him. Due to the amount of energy required, he stated that it was obvious that he would not be able to continue making Avatar movies indefinitely. "I would have to instruct somebody else on how to carry out these steps."
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