How Did Chloe Die In 'Swarm'? Ending Fully Explained

If you have just finished watching Swarm on Amazon, a horror comedy about a young woman's deadly infatuation with a pop star who is meant to be a reflection of Beyonce, you may be in a state of confusion. The show follows Dominique Fishback's character Dre, whose real name is Andrea Greene, as she goes by the alias Tony. In the show's finale, Dre leaves in a limousine with the pop star Ni'jah, who is portrayed by Nirine S. Brown, but now appears to have the face of Dre's best friend and adoptive sister Marissa (Chloe Bailey), who kills herself in the very first episode. How did she die? Here is the full explanation.

#1. What is ‘Swarm’ season 1 about?

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Let’s discuss not just the finale but Swarm’s penultimate episode. Swarm is Bailey’s first acting project of 2023 — she is also set to star in The Georgetown Project, a horror thriller, and Praise This, a Black church musical comedy. Between the lyrical and visual aesthetics of her solo music (in addition to her releases as a part of Chloe x Halle) — and her pivotal turn as Marissa in Swarm, Chloe Bailey is clearly drawn to the intersection of love and horror. And she seems particularly concerned with how the extreme edges of love bleed into the aesthetics of horror. Her career choices, and her nuanced portrayal of Marissa in particular, reveal a throughline of horror-streaked explorations of love that has characterized much of her artistic output as she continues her ascent from Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing to one of the premier voices of pop and R&B.
While Dre’s story guides the series, the larger arc of Swarm, and its exploration of how parasocial relationships spill into real-life decisions and actions, finds its anchor in Marissa. Marissa’s deeply caring yet at times dysfunctional relationship with Dre, her “sister,” eventually catalyzes the twisted, visceral progression of Swarm’s storyline. Marissa is a relatively more grounded Ni’Jah (Beyoncé in the world of Swarm) stan than her sister. While Dre is constantly consumed with the buzzing of her devotion to Ni’Jah as a card-carrying member of the Swarm, Marissa is more concerned with pursuing her career as a makeup artist while working her day job at the mall. She loves and supports Dre, giving her a place to stay and bailing her out when she (regularly) finds herself in unsavory situations.

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In a sense, each imagines its own alternate ending to Dre’s murder spree—one apparently grounded in the facts of a true-crime case and the other the ultimate fantasy-come-true for a fan who makes John Hinckley Jr. look sober by comparison. It’s worth taking apart each episode on its own terms, then considering them as two halves of a whole (just like Dre and Ni’jah, but more on that later). That will also mean delving into the show’s loaded depictions of Dre’s gender and sexuality, which I found to be the most frustrating aspect of a series seemingly designed to provoke strong reactions.
For viewers weary of following the terrifying Dre from slaughter to dead-eyed slaughter, this episode offered a brief respite. Framed as a true-crime documentary called Falling Through the Cracks, it centers around Maj. Loretta Greene (Heather Simms from Luke Cage), a Memphis police detective who starts to connect murders she believes were committed by a rare Black, female serial killer. Where Dre is cold, lonely, violent, and brittle, Loretta—a widow who’s shown, early in the doc, feeding a home-cooked breakfast to her two children—comes off as warm, community-minded, nurturing, resilient. Of course, she faces an uphill battle getting higher-ups in law enforcement, who are not Black women like her and Dre, to take her theory seriously.
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#2. How did Chloe die in Swarm?

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At first glance, Amazon Studios' new series Swarm is a heady tale of a young woman's obsession with a fictional pop star and how that evolves into a dark road trip with unpredictable encounters. But according to star Chlöe Bailey, it's more a tale of sisterhood than anything else.
Although Bailey has an intimate perspective into the world of fandom and celebrity as part of the GRAMMY-nominated duo, Chloe x Halle, with her younger sister, Halle Bailey, and as a solo artist preparing to drop her debut album, she said that she pulled from her experience as a sister to shape Marissa's character.
"That's what this piece meant to me, the bond of two sisters. No matter how crazy their life gets, that they will always stay together no matter what, till death do them part," she explained. "It's a story about a girl who's figuring herself out, and we all have outlets in which we do that."

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Bailey echoed a similar sentiment when speaking about her relationship with her real-life sister, sharing that, despite their similarities and the bond that will always keep them together, they have a lot of different interests. "[Going solo] was very scary in the beginning and we both had separation anxiety, but now I feel like it's made us both stronger and believe in ourselves a little more and in turn, it makes our bond stronger," she said. 
"It's easy to believe in someone else, and it's harder to believe in yourself, so I feel like we've gotten to do the hard self-work on our own, traveling apart from each other and everything like that, so it makes us appreciate each other even more," Bailey concluded.
Venture further down this road, and you’ll remember Billie Eilish’s white-woman wellness cult, an equally unhinged mirror image of Dre and the rest of the Swarm’s Ni’jah obsession. You might also recall that Chloe Bailey is famously a part of a sister duo, and that she and her sister Halle got their start as preteen miniature Beyoncés, uploading covers of her songs to YouTube. And finally there are the dual finales of Swarm, one a “true” story of a hero’s persistence in pursuing a serial killer she’s on the verge of arresting and the other a dark fairy tale whose villain gets to live out (or at least dream) his ultimate fantasy. In both cases, Tony’s fate remains a mystery. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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