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  1. #1. Silly Socks With Crazy Patterns
  2. #2. Whoopee Cushion
  3. #3. Fake Mustaches
  4. #4. Rubber Chicken
  5. #5. Miniature Fart Machine
  6. #6. Crazy Straws
  7. #7. Fake Doggy Doo
  8. #8. Slapstick Comedy Books
  9. #9. Emoji Pillows
  10. #10. Disguise Glasses With Nose And Mustache
  11. #11. Fake Bug In Ice Cube
  12. #12. Giggle-inducing Pajamas
  13. #13. Sticky Hands And Feet
  14. #14. Novelty Toilet Paper
  15. #15. Gummy Candy Dentures
  16. #16. Clown Noses
  17. #17. Gigantic Glasses
  18. #18. Annoying Sound Machines
  19. #19. Fake Vomit
  20. #20. Giggle-Inducing Board Games
  21. Conclusion

Holiday Fun With A Twist: Troll-Tastic Holiday Gifts 2016 For Your Kids

Are you looking for funny holiday gifts 2016 to add an extra dose of humor to your holiday celebrations? Don’t worry; we can help you with that.

In this article, we'll share with you the top holiday gifts of 2016 that are sure to make your kids roll on the floor laughing and create unforgettable holiday moments.

Ready? Scroll down to check out what they are!


#1. Silly Socks With Crazy Patterns

best 2016 christmas gifts - best boy christmas gifts 2016 Source: Google Images

Silly socks with crazy patterns were on the list of the top Christmas presents 2016 for your kids.

So, this Christmas holiday, why don’t you give your kids a reason to giggle with socks featuring outrageous patterns like tacos, aliens, or silly faces? These socks are perfect for keeping feet warm and funny during the chilly holiday season.


#2. Whoopee Cushion

Source: Google Images

Holiday shoppers are referencing cool things for Christmas 2016 to make the season special. And, you know what? Whoopee cushion is one of the top ten Christmas gifts 2016.

A classic gag gift that never goes out of style, the whoopee cushion will have your kids in fits of laughter as they prank unsuspecting family members.


#3. Fake Mustaches

best christmas ideas 2016 - best gadgets for christmas 2016 Source: Google Images

Although fake mustaches are not new, they were among the top-selling Christmas gifts 2016.

So encourage your kids to transform into little comedians with a collection of fake mustaches. These accessories are perfect for impromptu disguises and hilarious photo ops.


#4. Rubber Chicken

best kids christmas presents 2016 - biggest christmas gifts 2016 Source: Google Images

The quintessential symbol of comedy, a rubber chicken, will have your kids laughing as they perform their own goofy stand-up routines.


#5. Miniature Fart Machine

cool christmas presents 2016 - cool things for christmas 2016 Source: Google Images

Shoppers eagerly sought out the most popular holiday gifts in 2016 to make their celebrations unforgettable. Little did they know that the miniature fart machine would become one of the top gadgets for Christmas 2016, bringing laughter to countless homes during the season.

Let your kids unleash their inner pranksters with a miniature fart machine that produces hilariously realistic fart sounds at the press of a button.


#6. Crazy Straws

cool things to get for christmas 2016 - cool xmas gifts 2016 Source: Google Images

Make drinking fun with crazy straws featuring loops, twists, and amusing shapes. They'll add a whimsical touch to holiday beverages.


#7. Fake Doggy Doo

fun christmas gifts 2016 - holiday gifts 2016 Source: Google Images
For a gross-out gag, surprise your kids with realistic-looking fake doggy doo. Watch their reactions as they playfully trick family and friends.

#8. Slapstick Comedy Books

hot gifts 2016 - hot xmas gifts for 2016 Source: Google Images

Introduce your kids to the world of slapstick humor with funny books filled with jokes, puns, and comics that will have them giggling for hours.


#9. Emoji Pillows

kids christmas presents 2016 - most popular gifts 2016 Source: Google Images

Do you know what the best 2016 Christmas gifts were?

Emoji pillows bring a dose of humor to the holiday season. Let your kids express their emotions through these plush and comical cushions.


#10. Disguise Glasses With Nose And Mustache

new gifts for christmas 2016 - popular gifts for christmas 2016 Source: Google Images

Watch your kids embrace their inner detectives or comedians with disguised glasses featuring a nose and mustache combo. These are perfect for imaginative play.


#11. Fake Bug In Ice Cube

top 2016 christmas gifts - top christmas gifts 2016 for boys Source: Google Images

Why don’t you prank your kids by freezing some fake bugs in ice cubes? They were one of the hot holiday gifts 2016.

Trick your kids by placing a fake bug in an ice cube. Their reactions when they discover it in their drinks will be priceless.


#12. Giggle-inducing Pajamas

top christmas items 2016 - top christmas presents 2016 Source: Google Images

Opt for pajamas with funny, quirky prints that will make bedtime routines a source of laughter.


#13. Sticky Hands And Feet

top gadgets for christmas 2016 - top gifts for boys 2016 Source: Google Images

Are you the parent of a naughty boy and looking for fun gifts for him? So buy sticky hands and feet because they were the best boy Christmas gifts 2016

Sticky hands and feet are not only entertaining to play with but also perfect for playful pranks and endless giggles.


#14. Novelty Toilet Paper

top holiday gifts 2016 - top presents 2016 Source: Google Images

Nowadays, online shoppers are searching for cool things to get for Christmas 2016, from trendy holiday gifts to warm and cozy presents. But how about funny and unique gifts to crack your sons and daughters up? Is it better?

Replace your regular toilet paper with novelty rolls featuring jokes, puzzles, or funny sayings that will add humor to bathroom breaks.


#15. Gummy Candy Dentures

top selling christmas gifts 2016 - top ten christmas gifts 2016 Source: Google Images

Want to buy something for your son this holiday? Choose gummy candy dentures because they were among the top gifts for boys 2016.

These gummy dentures look like the real deal and provide both a tasty treat and a funny gag.


#16. Clown Noses

trending christmas gifts 2016 Source: Google Images

If you search “what are the top presents 2016?”, you will find that many families added a touch of whimsy to their holiday gatherings with clown noses. So it's not wrong to say that they were one of the standout holiday gifts of 2016.

Turn your kids into clowns with colorful, squeaky clown noses. They're great for impromptu clown performances.


#17. Gigantic Glasses

Source: Google Images

Gigantic glasses with wacky frames are sure to bring laughter and amusement to your holiday festivities.


#18. Annoying Sound Machines

trendy christmas gifts 2016 Source: Google Images

Give your kids the gift of hilarious annoyance with sound machines that produce quirky and irritating noises.


#19. Fake Vomit

unique christmas gifts 2016 Source: Google Images

Add a touch of gross-out humor with realistic-looking fake vomit that will surely catch everyone's attention.


#20. Giggle-Inducing Board Games

warm gift of 2016 Source: Google Images

Opt for board games like "Pie Face" or "Don't Step In It" that promise plenty of laughter and fun during family game nights.



This holiday season, make your kids LOL with these seriously funny holiday gifts 2016. Whether it's a rubber chicken, fake mustaches, or a miniature fart machine, these light-hearted presents will create moments of pure joy and laughter that your family will treasure for years to come.

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