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  1. #1. High On Life Stab Gene: Comprehensive Review

'High On Life' Stab Gene: Comprehensive Review

Searching for information about High On Life Stab Gene? Here we go! High on Life, released at the end of 2022, is the perfect palate cleanser for people wishing to let free and have fun after a year full of serious and absorbing role-playing games and action adventures. While not flawless, Squanch Games' flagship title, Trover Saves the Universe, demonstrated what Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland were capable of achieving in the video game medium.

#1. High On Life Stab Gene: Comprehensive Review

High On Life Stab Gene Source: High On Life
Even if High on Life's dick and fart (and ejaculate) jokes might make you write it off as a lesser first-person shooter, the game's heart is a satisfying one, especially in the many gameplay features that always bring pleasure. After completing a few bounties, you'll quickly realize how the different weaponry you obtain enhances the battle and your freedom of movement. Kenny, too, possesses useful skills, such as the capacity to fling glob at foes, sending them flying, and using said glob to destroy obstacles in your path.
Knifey is a fantastic addition to your arsenal; he is so preoccupied with stabbing things that he has been known to have full-on orgasms while chopping up a boss after a fight. The game's currency, the pesos, and collectible cards based on the Garbage Pail Kids are hidden in slimy chests throughout the world that he destroys with his insatiable bloodlust. While annoying to some, his constant chatter about cutting up flesh is essential to defeating enemies in melee and destroying the chests.
The weapons you use will occasionally engage in conversation. When exploring the galaxy, you can disable their chatter if you become tired. Most players will find the game's movement controls intuitive, especially if they've played other first-person shooters. However, crouching is handled somewhat strangely by pressing down on the D-pad. It's not a deal breaker, but it can slow you down if you normally do it by clicking the right stick or one of the four major buttons.


High On Life Stab Gene
Aside from that, traversal is a blast, especially when employing ziplines and the alien bugs to drag yourself from one to another, using the air as a means of transportation and gaining the upper hand over an opponent. The variety of weaponry and options available in battle makes for a thrilling experience. Even if High on Life doesn't revolutionize the genre, it's a welcome change of pace from the norm.
The smart level design and enemy confrontations can be approached in several various ways thanks to the variety of locations, as well as the interesting upgrades that can be installed in your weaponry by spending money at the pawn shop. Planets are stunning, full of vivid color and intricate design. You'll have to defeat waves of alien thugs and collect bounties to unlock the freedom to utilize your skills as you see fit. Surprisingly varied attacks from enemies and bosses mean you won't always rely on the same arsenal.
The usage of laser discs is another new feature. These allow you to travel between destinations quickly and are also for sale. An environmental puzzle disk allowed me to shoot panels and manipulate pipes. Now that I had the solution, the alien woman could do a huge poo from one end, and her boyfriend could eat it with relish. Seeing the person take an unsettling amount of joy from it was revolting. Still, the language poked fun at the trope of little decisions and actions having major consequences later in the game, indicating that allowing this abomination to occur could affect future events.
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