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  1. Meet Harley Hunt, Daughter Of Murderer Letecia Stauch
  2. Harley Hunt’s Age Revealed
  3. Where Is Harley Hunt Now?
  4. Who Is Harley Hunt's Dad?
  5. Harley Hunt's Social Media Accounts
  6. Harley Hunt’s Boyfriend
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Letecia Stauch’s Daughter - Harley Hunt And Her Bio, Age, Father, & Relationship

Harley Hunt is not a widely recognized public figure, but we are certain that some people have heard this name somewhere. She is the daughter of accused murderer Letecia Stauch.

When her mother was accused of killing her 11-year-old stepson, she tried to defend her mom. However, she now claims that she was manipulated by her mother and says that her mother might be the actual perpetrator of her half brother's murder.

Join us to discover what exactly happened and what Harley's current life is like.


Meet Harley Hunt, Daughter Of Murderer Letecia Stauch

Letecia Stauch Source: Google Images

In April 2023, Harley Hunt took the stand in the trial of her mom, Letecia Stauch. Her mother was facing charges of first-degree murder and 12 additional related counts connected to the tragic death of Harley's stepbrother, Gannon Stauch.

All accusations against her mother revolved around the murder of Gannon in Colorado, where his body was put in a coffin and dumped off in Florida on February 4, 2020.

Recalling those days, Harley Hunt was still shocked and regretted defending her mom for years. She cried and said, “I just feel like I've been manipulated and lied to.”


What Did Harney Hunt Say On Her Mother’s Trial?

In the trial, Harley Hunt showcased photos of Gannon and stated that they had a close relationship despite the age gap. She felt extremely upset and worried that she could potentially be accused of being an accomplice in her step-brother's murder.

Harley said that she and her mother sought Gannon everywhere, even at all his friend’s houses, but they couldn’t see him. After that, Letecia Stauch rented a white van, and the two decided to leave the country. Harley Hunt also revealed that her mother asked her where she wanted to live.

Prosecutor Dave Young also asked her whether or not she found something unusual, like a smell from Gannon’s body. But Harley Hunt said no and stated that that thought never crossed her mind. She also denied helping her mom throw suitcases off the bridge. A month after the tragedy, her mom, Letecia Stauch, was arrested. That was the last time Harley Hunt met her mother.

Harley Hunt brother Source: Google Images

How Does Harney Hunt Feel?

Recalling those days, Harley Hunt was still shocked and regretted defending her mom for years. She cried and said, “I just feel like I've been manipulated and lied to.”


Harley Hunt’s Age Revealed

As of 2023, when Harley appeared in her mother’s trial, she was 20 years old. 


Where Is Harley Hunt Now?

harley hunt gofundme Source: harleyyhunt

Now, Harley is living in North Carolina, where she pursues a nursing degree. 

A few weeks before the trial, Harley Hunt went to the Caribbean to see her “special friend”. She even shared a Tik Tok video where she appeared with new clothes and a new suitcase, announcing her trip.

Harley launched a GoFundMe campaign called “Anything Helps” at the beginning of 2023, aiming to raise $5,000 to purchase a car.


Who Is Harley Hunt's Dad?

harley hunt's father Source: harleyyhunt

Her father, Chance, was born on August 1, 1980, in Baltimore. He is the son of Tammy Lamb Chavis and Claudia Mack Hunt. Sadly, he passed away.


Harley Hunt's Social Media Accounts

She owns two accounts: TikTok (@harleyhunt) and Instagram (@harleyyhunt).


Harley Hunt’s Boyfriend

Harley’s “long-distance” boyfriend is Tramone Hester, known as Dr. Trey.

Harley hunt facts Source: harleyyhunt

Where Does Harley Hunt Come From?

She is from Myrtle Beach, a city in South Carolina.

What Is Harley Hunt's Job?

The girl works as a content creator with 13,3k followers. However, she dreams of becoming a nurse down the road. That’s why she is pursuing a nursing degree.

What Is Harley Hunt's Zodiac Sign?

We do not have her exact birthdate, which means we cannot determine her zodiac sign. If we know, we will immediately update it.

Does Harley Hunt Have Siblings?

She does not have any full-blooded siblings but only a half-brother, Garrett.



Harley Hunt went through a tough time when her mother was arrested for the murder of her half brother and was suspected of being an accomplice. She even left the country to avoid criticism.

After all, she has now become more positive and happier. She is currently a content creator and aspires to become a nurse. Hopefully, her dream will come true, and we can see a dedicated nurse in the future. 

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