Happy Valley Ending: Fully Explained-Tommy and Catherine Die?

Happy Valley came to a dramatic conclusion when the final ever episode of the BBC crime drama was released. The show returned for season three on New Year’s Day following a long hiatus.
The series follows sergeant Catherine Cawood on her beat as she solves grisly cases and deals with personal issues. Cawood is haunted by her past as she continues to grieve for the loss of her daughter who killed herself after being raped by her boyfriend Tommy, whose child she gave birth to. With Tommy still on the run, Ryan uncertain if he will flee with his dad to Spain and Catherine fearing for her life, the bumper 70-minute installment was packed with tension. But how did events unfold in the Calder Valley? Here is a breakdown of that epic final episode of Happy Valley.

#1. Happy Valley Ending: Fully Explained

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Like the previous two Happy Valley finales, we knew going into this episode that things would be tied up nicely, beginning in the first few moments with Matija (Jack Bandeira) and Ivan (Oliver Huntingdon) being arrested for false imprisonment, money laundering and assisting Tommy Lee Royce in escaping. Poor Ivan; he never did make it down the aisle after all.
The episode then gets going properly with Ryan looking pensive the morning after speaking to his fugitive father. Catherine picks him up to go to Halifax to be questioned by police, after having visited him in prison multiple times.

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It's at the police station, though, that Ryan really turns a corner and it all kicks off after being complimented by Detective Superintendent Andy Shepherd (Vincent Franklin) who says there's "something about him" that made him think the teen was a new police recruit. It's enough to make Ryan crack a smile and go bounding up the stairs after his grandmother - but it's also something that may have had more of a profound impact, resulting in Ryan telling police about Tommy's use of the game console the night before.
At the same time, Tommy is being moved by Darius's brother Zeljko (Greg Kolpakchi), but he isn't happy about not knowing where he's going and if he'll see Darius. It's not part of the plan and angers him so much that he manages to kill Marco and Viktor all from the backseat of the car that Zeljko is driving.
Zeljko and Tommy have a very tense face-off which sees them drawing their knives like a duel, and for one moment, you think that Zeljko could actually kill Tommy. But of course, Tommy finds a way out of the compromising situation and viciously kills Zeljko, leaving the three bodies in the field and driving off by himself.

#2. Who dies at the end of Happy Valley?

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While Catherine did save Tommy from burning alive, he was then placed in a coma. In the final moments of the episode, Catherine gets a text from Mike confirming that Tommy has died.
So, we can all breathe one collective sigh of relief that Catherine Cawood lives to fight another day and can go on living her best post-retirement life.

#3. What happened to Rob and Faisal?

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While Rob was initially questioned about Joanna's murder, we learn that he's actually been charged with the possession of indecent images after blackmailing a student at school to send them to him.
As for Faisal, in the final moments of the episode when Catherine and Andy are talking, she notifies him about the fact he's been dealing drugs out of his small pharmacy. "He's called Faisal Bhatti and guess what? He lives not 100 yards up the road from the Hepworth's house." So, while we don't know for sure, it looks like Catherine's last act as a police officer has been to help solve the case of Joanna's murder and nail Faisal as the perpetrator.

#4. Darius Knezevic is finally behind bars

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The police have been desperate to nick Darius (Alec Secareanu), an aspiring local politician and master of the criminal underground, for years. Thanks to Tommy, in his dying moments, telling Catherine that the mob boss was responsible for the murder of Gary Gagowski, officers finally have ground to arrest him.
They also hunt down all of his muscle – effectively disbanding his entire empire and hold over the Calder Valley – and hand them hefty prison sentences.

#5. Faisal isn’t going to get away with Joanna’s murder

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Faisal brutally murdered Joanna and shoved her body into a suitcase It seemed that Rob Hepworth (Mark Stanley) was squarely in the frame for Joanna’s (Mollie Winnard) murder, given his history of domestic violence.
While Faisal (Amit Shah) might have believed he’d committed the perfect crime, Catherine’s contact reveals the pharmacist to be behind the illegal prescription drug dealing. As Catherine points out, as she’s tipping off her boss, Faisal lives ‘not 100 yards away’ from Joanna, who had been buying diazepam from him.
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