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  1. Justin usually gets dressed before her
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Dressing As If From Two Different Planets? Hailey Bieber Finally Unveils Her And Justin’s Distinct Choices

Ever caught Hailey and Justin Bieber at an event, dressed like they are from different planets? Actually, it frequently happens. While the model prefers dressing up chic, gorgeous clothes, Justin opts for a more casual vibe. Many fans wonder why they refuse to wear matching outfits like other couples do. 
Hailey finally spills the beans on why they opt for mismatched outfits, and you are in for a stylish revelation. Their divergent styles have ignited a wave of playful memes and spirited discussions. 

Justin usually gets dressed before her

In a conversation with GQ's Eileen Cartter, Hailey finally explained why she and her husband, Justin Bieber, often sport different outfits at the same events. The model typically opts for chic dresses and heels while Justin tends to get dressed before her. She explained that his preference for baggy sweats might clash with her desire to wear a tiny dress, simply based on their individual moods and feelings at the time.
She explains that their fashion choices are not meticulously planned to match but are driven by personal feelings. This gives them the freedom to express their styles, creating a harmonious balance between the glamorous and the laid-back. 

They simply have different tastes

During a Rhode event in New York City on June 17, 2023, Hailey and Justin made headlines with their intentionally mismatched fashion choices. Hailey rocked a striking red minidress and dazzling diamond jewels while Justin went for a casual look with a gray sweatsuit, a pink hat, and yellow Crocs paired with white socks. 
The contrasting styles sparked controversy, with many questioning whether Justin's laid-back outfit overshadowed his wife's significant moment or if it, in fact, allowed her to shine even more.
At the US Open on September 1, Hailey and Justin both donned black leather jackets paired with white ensembles. They added their unique touches, like Hailey's diamond "B" necklace and Justin's quirky bubblegum-pink sunglasses. It was notable that their looks had the same base. The couple once again showcased their knack for coordinating without being too matchy-matchy, allowing each of their styles to shine through.
Back in 2022 as the couple attended the Grammys, they made everyone open their mouths by opting for contrasting styles.
Justin chose an attention-grabbing oversized Balenciaga suit, complete with chunky boots, black sunglasses, and a neon-pink beanie for the red carpet. Meanwhile, Hailey embraced elegance in a stylish white gown from Saint Laurent, featuring a strapless design with a floor-length skirt. 
The couple showcased their ability to balance individual fashion statements while making a memorable impression together.
Source: East News

Erin Eagle, a fashion stylist and the founder of outfit-inspo site A Style Set, shared her perspective on their unique fashion aesthetics.

"Although their outfits don't seem to go together visually, it's nice that they have their own unique styles and don't try to dress exactly the same or in a way that isn't authentic," Eagle told Insider. "I think it works for them – they shouldn't feel pressured by the public to perfectly coordinate their outfits."

"Fashion is all about self-expression and being confident in your own style, so I appreciate that they respect each other's," she added.

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