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  1. Toby Sheldon (Justin Bieber)
  2. Henry Damon (character Red Skull)
  3. Nileen Namita (Queen Nefertiti)
  4. Miki Jay (Michael Jackson)
  5. Adam Guerra (Madonna)
  6. Jordan James Parke (Kim Kardashian)
  7. Rodrigo Alves (Ken Doll)
  8. Saint Von Colucci (Jimin)
  9. Nicholas Ryan (Ryan Gosling)
  10. Carolyn Anderson (Pamela Anderson)

10 Crazy Fans Who Went Through Numerous Procedures To Resemble Their Favorite Celebrities

We've all admired our favorite celebrities from afar, but there are a few people who have taken their adoration to a jaw-dropping extreme. These individuals haven't just idolized their stars; they've gone through numerous surgeries, investing time, money, and effort to physically resemble their beloved icons. 
Today, we'll explore the astonishing stories of 10 people who went under the knife, pushing the boundaries between admiration and transformation. While some achieved internet stardom, others faced a more tragic fate. 

#1. Toby Sheldon (Justin Bieber)

Toby Sheldon (Justin Bieber) Source: East News
Toby Sheldon, a songwriter based in Los Angeles, underwent a series of cosmetic surgeries, estimating that he spent over $100,000 to resemble young Justin Bieber. He shared, “I had my lips done, my upper lip lifted in this kind of permanent smirk, like Justin has, my lower lip lifted to hide more of the bottom teeth. He has a six-pack, so I got some liposuction.”

#2. Henry Damon (character Red Skull)

Henry Damon (character Red Skull) Source: East News
Henry Damon, from Caracas, Venezuela, had previously undergone multiple subdermal implants on his forehead. He later went to the extent of having a portion of his nose removed to achieve a look resembling a Marvel comic book character. Despite these dramatic surgeries, he is determined to further pursue his dream appearance

#3. Nileen Namita (Queen Nefertiti)

Nileen Namita wasted £200,000 in her transformation, aiming to resemble an ancient Egyptian. She underwent over 50 cosmetic surgeries, which included eight nose jobs, three chin implants, one eyebrow lift, three facelifts, six mini facelifts, two lip surgeries, five eye surgeries, and 20 minor adjustments, all in her quest to recreate the image of an Egyptian Queen.

#4. Miki Jay (Michael Jackson)

Miki Jay (Michael Jackson) Source: East News
Miki Jay, from the UK, is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. She willingly spent more than $16,000 to alter her nose, chin, and cheeks to match Jackson's appearance. Surprisingly, her transformation has been a lucrative one. It is said that Miki earns an annual income of $240,000 as a professional Michael Jackson impersonator.

#5. Adam Guerra (Madonna)

Adam Guerra (Madonna) Source: East News
Adam Guerra underwent 18 surgeries during 12 years and over $175,000 in his relentless effort to become a version of the legendary pop queen, Madonna. He openly admits that his passion for this transformation has turned into a full-blown addiction.

#6. Jordan James Parke (Kim Kardashian)

Jordan James Parke (Kim Kardashian) Source: East News
Jordan James Parke's admiration for Kim Kardashian runs so deep that he invested a staggering $150,000 in cosmetic procedures to mirror her appearance. He went through more than 50 surgeries, such as botox injections, lip and cheek fillers, eyebrow tattoos, and laser hair removal. His obsession with the star shines through as he expresses, “I adore everything about Kim,... She's the most beautiful woman ever. Her flawless skin, her hair, everything about her.”

#7. Rodrigo Alves (Ken Doll)

Rodrigo Alves (Ken Doll) Source: East News
Rodrigo Alves, driven by a wish to resemble a Ken Doll, spent over $750,000 on plastic surgery. However, this desire came at a significant price. The surgery creating a chin dent nearly cost him his life. A bacterial infection resulting from the implants caused severe damage to his face. Fortunately, doctors  took the necessary medical actions.

#8. Saint Von Colucci (Jimin)

Saint Von Colucci (Jimin) Source: East News
Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci tragically passed away due to complications of plastic surgery. He desired to resemble Jimin (BTS) so he underwent 12 plastic surgeries, amounting to a significant $220,000. Sadly, he contracted an infection from the implants, leading to his death.

#9. Nicholas Ryan (Ryan Gosling)

Nicholas Ryan (Ryan Gosling) Source: East News
In 2013, Nicholas Ryan spent around £4,000 on a series of cosmetic procedures with the goal of resembling the La La Land star, Ryan Gosling. He had Botox and filler injections to shape his face to look like his beloved Hollywood hero. “I’m hoping I’ll get more auditions and roles if I look more like him. That’s why I had the surgery,” he said. “I’m secretly excited how women will react now I look a little bit more like their celebrity crush.”

#10. Carolyn Anderson (Pamela Anderson)

Carolyn Anderson (Pamela Anderson) Source: East News

Carolyn Anderson is widely recognized as one of the most prominent lookalikes for Playboy playmate and Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson. He confessed, “ I had always been told I looked like Pamela Anderson. I decided I should be her. I already had the hair, I’ve been dyeing mine since I was 12, and I’ve naturally got full lips so I just worked on the rest.”

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